Penashue issues letter to Labrador constituents

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MP Peter Penashue. — Telegram file photo

In a letter posted on his website this afternoon, Labrador MP and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue says he was surprised by “allegations of irregularities” concerning his 2011 election campaign.

CBC News has reported that Penashue’s campaign overspent by thousands of dollars. A further CBC report found evidence that his campaign may have accepted corporate donations from Pennecon Ltd.

“I was very clear during the campaign that we would follow the rules,” Penashue writes in the letter. “I specifically indicated that, in accordance with the law, we could not accept corporate donations. I was not aware of any problems or irregularities during the campaign.

“No one is more surprised than I am at the allegations that have arisen since the campaign. No one is more disappointed.”

Penashue reiterated that a new official agent is in place and working with Elections Canada to correct any mistake that may have been made.

Opposition MPs from Newfoundland and Labrador have called for Penashue to resign, but his letter indicates such thoughts are not on his radar.

“Throughout this difficult time, I remain focused on serving the people of Labrador who asked me to represent them as their Member of Parliament — working on their priorities, such as the Muskrat Falls project, the Canadian Armed Forces presence in Goose Bay, broadband connectivity, infrastructure investments and other initiatives to help our communities.”

Penashue was in Port Hope Simpson earlier today to award Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals.

See related Canadian Press story "Penashue blames agent, says he’s surprised by spending allegations" on The Telegram website.

Organizations: CBC News, Pennecon, Elections Canada Canadian Armed Forces

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Goose Bay, Port Hope Simpson

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Recent comments

  • Marg
    November 14, 2012 - 07:45

    Most of us are so tired and fed up with all this. Simplify it. Give Penashue and CEOs of Pennecon lie detector tests.

  • Fred from Brigus
    November 14, 2012 - 04:22

    I don't understand why you people are all riled up. The creditability of the CBC to report the truth is a joke. Anywhere on this planet that they can attack a Conservative or a Republican they will do it. They are consistently paying out millions of hard earned taxpayers $$$$ in losing lawsuits brought against them. I'm quite certain that Mr Penashue will correct any of his mistakes he has made. He is a rookie so give him a little leeway. If he fouls up in the future then give him the boot.

  • FedUpWithToryCrooks
    November 14, 2012 - 03:57

    Another illegal candidate and Gov wrapped up in the Muskrat scandal and robocall overspending farce. They're all a bunch of crooks got in by way of cheating and ripping off taxpayers. Too bad it's not the United States. By now they would have been investigated and thrown out or in jail. Election Canada have no teeth. RCMP? Perhaps we need to bring in the US or UK cops to investigate. The one's Harper is bringing in. Hope this works out for Harper and NL Cons and they get their just desserts in jail. Anti corruption squad needed. Maybe Quebec can help NL and Canada out by catching these crooks.

  • penashue crummells
    November 13, 2012 - 20:43

    And that's why Dan crummell had to RETRACT his statements...For Him! I guess it was true what they were saying about the tunnel visioned tories after all! Dan should grow a set!

  • Trucknuts
    November 13, 2012 - 20:40

    How can someone in his position be down here passing out medals! Its not honourable! I'd check over that new dawn agreement people. If this is any indiciation, the provinicial governmnet must of used him like a puppet.

  • Edmund
    November 13, 2012 - 17:47

    Me thinks he speaks with forked tongue and not capable of being an MP let alone a Minister of the Federal Govnt. If he is that stupid that he does not know how to follow the rules or manage those that work for him to do so, he should resign immediately and failing that, Harper should fire him, no ifs, ands or buts. Time to go back to nature and let the land be your boss. Happy hunting!!

  • Corporate Psycho
    November 13, 2012 - 16:22

    Are you frickin kidding me? Who is advising this clown?

  • John
    November 13, 2012 - 16:21

    If a Mate is on watch and a ship hits another one, the Skipper is still at fault. Penashue is the skipper of his campaign, the official thar oversaw his campaign is the Mate. Just more grandstanding on orders from the PMO to try and make this go away - one of several problems now a thorn in governments side such as several issues with Canadian Veterans - overturned in court and apparently taking months for some to get their cheques, homeless Veterans and those with Mental Health issues. He should at the very least, resign from Cabinet while these issues are being sorted out. We may even get a minister that can get us more than Penashue can. Not that that would be hard. If he is working behind the scene, it wouldnt hurt to inform people once in a while rather tha the "I have nothing to say" "Our government is doing our best" blah, blah, blah.

    • Chad
      November 13, 2012 - 20:17

      Are you really that thick!! No matter who is there the same result. might as well not not have a government because nothing will change

  • Leah
    November 13, 2012 - 16:11

    If what you say is true, why did it take you so dam long to "defend" yourself? You must think that us citizens of NL are absolutely stupid and gullible to believe this. What an insult to our intelligence.