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  • H Sturge
    November 20, 2012 - 11:58

    I think the most important issue facing school bus safety is the absence of seat belts in busses that routinely travel on the TCH and other routes with speed limits over 50 kph. I don't understand why we wait until a disaster happens on our highway to do the right thing and offer our most precious resource, our children, protection. Surely we are failing these children if we won't speak up now and try and ensure their safety. If this can't be federally mandated, let's lead the way, and not be the next to say,'we must prevent this tragedy from happening again'. I'd much rather hear,'let's prevent this tragedy from happening'. PERIOD!

  • D Lodge
    November 16, 2012 - 14:56

    So the government is going to seek proposals to review school bus Transportation now, after the ESDNL recomends closing five schools and busing them to other schools. Shouldn't the review be done prior to closing more schools , especially in Rural NL, where the school is a very important part of that community, and the kids are bused over greater distances? They plan to close schools such as the model one they have in Catalina to save money, and fill space in other schools in other communities. What about the affects this will have on this community and especially the kids who will have to be bused past a perfectly good school in Catalina. The school in Catalina first...your school could be next, its time for all rural NL to put a stop to this now, your school could be next.