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Recent comments

  • Jack
    November 27, 2012 - 07:01

    Because the Winter 2011-2012 Seasonal Forecasts were way off nationwide last year as temperatures were well above normal nationwide, let it be a lessons never to trust "The Weather Network", Environment Canada, or other Meteorological agencies seasonal forecasts. The other problem with their forecasts is they rely too much on weather phenomenons in the Pacific like El Nino and La Nina, and not enough on other factors like the North Atlantic Oscillation or even Arctic Oscillation. The third problem with this forecast is its too "Atlantic Canadian Biased" as most of Canada will have normal or cool winter while we could get warmer winter. If the forecasts were fair and Atlantic Canadians were treated like other Canadians, we should get normal winters as well. Lessons learned, don't rely on seasonal forecasts.

  • original townie
    November 27, 2012 - 06:29

    Meteorologist have difficulty precicting NL weather from day to day. The weather forecast could change 2-3 times if you follow the weather network,,,,,sunny tomorrow, then one hr. later cloudy tomorrow, then one hr. after that light rain tomorrow. Now Mr. Thoms is predicting weather for three winter months consecutively. Need a new crystal ball Mr. Thoms, the old one never did work.