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Recent comments

  • John in Whitbourne
    December 29, 2012 - 10:36

    It would be possible for the first fire to have been caused by an accident while the second fire could have been set by a pyromaniac attracted to (inspired by) the first fire. You shouldn't expect the police to risk their credibility by stating 'the obvious', just because it fits with your theory. When the police make broad statements that turn out to be wrong, they provide a basis for defence counsel to challenge their credibility. All a defendant needs is 'reasonable doubt' provided by alternate theories of a crime. The Ray Newman trial is an excellent example of police mistakes destroying a prosecution.

  • Iwasthere
    December 13, 2012 - 07:27

    The police need to provide answers to the Goulds community regarding these "accidents" . Not believed by anyone that owns a barn or horse! When they report accidents they are usually accompanied by, " fire due to electrical wiring, etc" And the fact they are not connected???????? 2 fires in 1 day???? Some very important facts are being kept from the Goulds community. Answers please!!!!!!

  • leah
    December 12, 2012 - 20:19

    2 barn fires and they say it is not connected-I dont buy it at all-esp on the same day.If there is a accilerant found they would say it was arson--you dont really need a accilerant in a barn--you throw a match on a bail of hay and up she goes...wake up police,do you think the public is stupid.

  • Duffy
    December 12, 2012 - 16:48

    With the RNC's record on homicide cases I would suggest since they ruled both fires as accidents someone with expertise from out of Province take a second look at the fires and make a determination. It is hard to believe that two barns, same family and all involved in horse racing accidentally burned with in 24 hours. Does that make sense ?

  • Tracy
    December 12, 2012 - 10:59

    This seems to be more than a coincidence! It's quite tragic that something like this could happen so close to Christmas. To some people these animals aren't "just animals" they're pets whom they love just as much as a family pet. I've passed the Ruby Line Barn twice a day (at least) since Oct 2011. Every day stopping to watch the horses when they were in the paddock. I did not know the owners, but these were beautiful animals. I know several horse owners who also spent the night in their barns last night because they are scared stiff something might happen to their beloved pals. I hope if this last fire was arson, the police punish them to the full extent of the law, heck, even beyond. This wasn't just a structure, these were animals who thought they were safe in their home.

  • willyschilly
    December 12, 2012 - 09:03

    10 years in jail for every horse that was lost. The courts have to put their foot(feet) down and start scaring the crap out of people who want to do stupid careless shit like this.

  • Getitstraight
    December 12, 2012 - 07:23

    The motorist did stay at the scene. and the officer didn't wake up the family the motorist did.There was so much going on , I guess the officer forgot to get the motorist information. The owner tried to get in the barn , after the motorist woke them up. Get your story straight before you print it .The motorist stayed to comfort the family for about an hour after.