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  • Richard W. Murphy
    December 24, 2012 - 22:17

    As legislative assistant to United States Senator Hugh Scott, Republican from Pennsylvania, I witnessed the 83-day filibuster conducted by Southern Democratic senators against the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. My boss was a leader of the pro-civil rights senators who finally mustered the requisite two-thirds majority of the Senate to impose cloture, thereby ending debate on the measure. I have fond memories of those days.

  • Maurice E. Adams
    December 24, 2012 - 12:03

    One thing that this Muskrat Madness has shown, that is that the official opposition is no more suited to govern this province than the PC government. A sad state of affairs for sure. Both opposition parties could, and should, have done much more and could have provided opposing political leadership much, much earlier, and that may very well have helped better inform the general public and, I believe, could very well have solidified and bolstered the publics' understanding, and accordingly, their opposition to this Muskrat Madness. Having said that, it is not too late for the official opposition to come to its senses and for the third party to also do more to bring the people along to a more thorough understanding of this debacle in the making.

    • a business man
      December 26, 2012 - 21:29

      Great to hear Maurice. As a supporter of MF and of the Conservatives, I am happy to hear about the flaws of the opposition. Other than having the party you voted for as government, the next best thing is a weak opposition. It makes having your interests and ideology served so much easier.

  • Cyril Rogers
    December 24, 2012 - 08:56

    Kudos to the Opposition parties for trying to find a way to stop these latest bills....60 and 61...but it is too little, too late. It is still not clear that either of them fully oppose this fatally-flawed project and, the Liberals, at least, do support it in principle. Fundamentally, this mega project will bring mini benefits to the many and was never designed with you and me in mind. It is the wrong project for all the wrong reasons....leaving us with a financial nightmare while enriching certain individuals, companies, and other entities. When the bill for us goes over eight billion and counting, who will be left to stand up for us? This project, once half completed, will be like an unstoppable freight train headed for disaster. Sure, it may lead to the demise of the PC's but who in their right mind would want to lead province whose fiscal position is going to be severely restricted by this huge mistake?

    • Robert
      December 24, 2012 - 12:01

      Rogers Rogers your gloom and doom is enough to make one want to leave and never come back; but not on your life!!! This place finally has some good news and you want to rain on the parade.