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  • theflower
    January 10, 2013 - 08:38

    This storm will bring me back to when i was a kid walking to school and standing on top of the light poles. going to be a big storm ,alot of blowing snow . you know what ,us older folks will be able to handle it ,but not so sure of the younger generation . all ther use to is sitting in front of computers, were never taught how to handle emergency situations .parents today don't teach their kid anything they just spoil them. well see.

    • Addie
      January 10, 2013 - 09:08

      We haven't had many storms like this one in a long time. It's Newfoundland and we do get our share of them. Many are nothing to worry about, however this is a lot of snow forcasted for one storm. Each generation can only deal with what we're given in the way of weather it has nothing to do with what we're teaching them and if older generations had what we have today, they would have surely taken advantage of the same commodities. We have been fortunate thus far with milder winters than many years ago.