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  • Cecilia
    January 14, 2013 - 20:30

    I can just imagine how helpful this program must be to survivors of this terrible disease. Myself, I was a caregiver, I lost my husband 16 months ago, after a long, difficult 22 month battle with Esophogeal Cancer...I have great Faith and attend church regularly, but I too needed someone to talk to, someone who have been through similar experience..Finally through the Social Work Dept. of the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Center, I was lucky enough to join a 8 week program for family members who lost a loved one through Cancer,,it as been a blessing to me, and will surely missed it when we finish in 3 weeks time..I also agree, Patients, survivors, Cargivers, any family members need this care and support, and more advertising on such programs to reach out to the people who need it.. I Pray every night that someone will come forth and put and end to all of this pain and suffering...Sadly its too late for My Family, but I pray for all affected..God Bless each and every patient

  • Glenn Collier
    January 14, 2013 - 12:00

    I too think this is very good, not only for the survivors but also for their families. The only thing i would question is why does it take a grant from government, what happened to the millions of dollars donated to cancer research and support every year by canadians, myself included. Thats the kind of program i would like to see my donation going to fund.

  • Patricia
    January 14, 2013 - 08:57

    I think it's a great idea to help cancer patients to cope with and talk to people to help them go forward after such a change in their life. I only wish they had something for familes who lost their love one's because of cancer. I lost a brother Robert Gosse July 14, 2012 There's not a day goes by for me or my family we don't think of him. We had to deal with two deaths within 1 year and 1 month apart But for some reason my other brother's death was easier to deal with because he passed away peaceful. I found dealing with cancer patients it's very difficult to deal with It's watching them suffer and fighting for their life and losing the battle in the end. I'm not sure anytime soon will be able to get over his death because of his suffering. I might be wrong their's help about survivors for love one's If there is such a thing it's not anything i heard off. I just we had a happy ending to have our love one around for awhile longer. I hope surivors familes treasure every hour, min and day they have with thier love one's Wishing all the surivors all the best I wish we had a little happy ending