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  • interested
    January 17, 2013 - 10:33

    its to easy to save 700 million in this province. cut down on welfare,goverment grants, ei top ups just to name a few. its hard to say but if yea can't find work,don't like what your at or not making enough money go find what it is yeah want.The gov has been carrying to many people in this province and there to used to it

  • saelcove
    January 17, 2013 - 10:27

    Comedy hour

  • Jerome
    January 17, 2013 - 09:50

    Stop building hospitals, stop building schools, stop paving roads......if that's what it takes? These are three absolute necessities, especially hospitals. Here's an idea; start investigating all the Welfare recepients and find out the abuse of millions of dollars there. I know people who even have taxi cab fares paid to their doctor and psychiatrist appointments, let alone all of their medications, rent, heat, electricity, etc.

  • Scott Free
    January 17, 2013 - 08:39

    Oh my, just how appropriate are these props? both the headline and the deck of cards? Coincidently, each new deck of cards has two jokers too!

    • hate Free
      January 17, 2013 - 10:42

      Just another serving of morning hate.