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  • Legally set up
    January 17, 2013 - 10:26

    Sure all they have to do is hook up a giant extentsion cord and the power is free, because we are giving it away to them. Except of course if they go over budget, NL taxPAYERS WILL BE ON THE HOOK for the cost over runs. Thats why naclor was set up with NO ACCOUNTIBLITY, THats Why bill 29 was put in place. How else could building a small dam in labrador be so complicated that the NR minister and our own premier couldn't answer any questions without placing a spin on it or having nalcor try and make it look good on paper. We've been had by the bussiness community, 10 BILLION, and it will be 60 years before NL is off the Hook. Thats why everything will be better in the future. People just want to get rich NOW!