Accused murderer called to ask how victims were

Rosie Mullaley
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Neville's former girlfriend is Crown's last witness defence to call its first next week

Steven Neville

Minutes after Steven Michael Neville stabbed two men, he made a frantic call to his former girlfriend asking about their condition, the woman told a jury Friday.

"He was upset and crying," Brittany Whitty testified at Neville's trial in Newfoundland Supreme Court in St. John's.

"He said, 'They're my friends, they're my friends. Are they OK?'"

Neville is charged with stabbing Ryan Dwyer and Doug Flynn Oct. 9, 2010 on Carlisle Drive in Paradise.

Dwyer suffered knife wounds to his sides and arms, but recovered. Flynn was killed, having been stabbed in the temple and chest.

Neville faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

His lawyers are arguing that Neville acted in self-defence against Flynn and Dwyer, who, they say, had been terrorizing him for months.

Having spent so much time with Neville, Whitty concurred that Dwyer, in particular, had been obsessed with hunting down Neville. She said he constantly asked her where Neville was and if she was with him.

"I knew (Dwyer) wanted to beat (Neville) up, but I didn't know why," she said.

Whitty and Neville had been in a two-year relationship before they broke up in 2009. They got back together in January 2010 and while they split again shortly after, they remained close.

She was also friends with Dwyer and Flynn.

The night of the stabbings, she had earlier been with the two and other friends. They had been at a party on Carlisle Drive before heading to a downtown bar to continue drinking.

After about an hour and a half at the bar, Whitty said, most of group had gone to a house on Carlisle Drive. She left alone in a cab to meet up with them.

Along the way, she said, she called one of her friends in the group, Vicki French, who had already arrived on Carlisle Drive.

"She was panicking," Whitty said. "She said, 'Come quick! Come quick!' She said Steve hurt Doug and Dwyer."

When Whitty's cab pulled up to the house, she said an ambulance was pulling up at the same time.

"There were people everywhere at this point," she said.

After Dwyer and Flynn were taken to hospital, Whitty said, she was walking towards the house when her phone rang.

She said the person on the other end was out of breath, as if they were running.

"I said, 'Is that you, Steven?' He said, 'Yeah,'" Whitty told the court.

"Then he said, 'They pushed me. They pushed me. They wouldn't stop.'"

Whitty said Neville told her that Dwyer and Flynn knew how to push his buttons by threatening his mother.

It was Neville's second call to Whitty. Earlier in the night, while she was at the party, she said, he had called her and sounded "on edge" about a comment Dwyer had on his Facebook status, which quoted rap lyrics, replacing some words with threatening words about Neville's mother.

"I said, 'Don't let it get to you,'" Whitty recalled.

When Neville showed up at the party shortly after that, she said, she told him the same thing.

"I could tell by the look on his face, he was mad," she said.

Whitty said that's when the group left to go downtown.

After the stabbings, she said, Neville called her phone three or four more times.

When he asked how Flynn and Dwyer were doing, Whitty said, she told him Dwyer had walked to the ambulance, but Flynn had a head injury. She said Neville said he couldn't remember hitting Flynn in the head.

During one of the phone conversations, she put him on speaker phone so the group in the house could hear. She said one of the guys then took her phone to talk to Neville alone in another room.

Shortly after the incident and phone calls, Whitty said, she and a few other friends went to Paradise Elementary school to meet Neville.

There, she said Neville told her, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what I did."

Much of Whitty's recollection of the details of that night was triggered only when defence lawyer Peter Ralph relayed to her what she had told police in the days after the incident.

She admitted she had forgotten to mention certain details earlier in her testimony.

Whitty was the Crown's final witness. The defence will call its first witness, a neighbour on Carlisle Drive, Tuesday. Twitter: @TelyCourt

Organizations: Paradise Elementary school

Geographic location: St. John's

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