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Recent comments

  • Someone whose also from a small town
    February 09, 2013 - 20:23

    Usually all boys from the country carry around knives just saying ... I know tonnes of boys that do And they haven't killed anyone for try to !!!! And just for the record I'm not family or a close friend just know the guy and know that he's not the kinda a guy that would try to kill someone !

  • citizen
    January 27, 2013 - 22:23

    obvisouly you 2 are friends or family members commenting on this.because i am trying to figure out who carries around a knife to defend themselves.usually you carry around a knife to kill someone i thought.

  • friend
    January 25, 2013 - 04:18

    if he was set free for 2,500.00 bail that tells me he cant be that dangerous. we dont know the whole story.... sounds like it could have been self defence ???

  • well
    January 24, 2013 - 07:22

    i have a very good question for the curts or maybe someone out there can answer. who in thier right mind gives people like this bail ?

    • me
      January 25, 2013 - 10:53

      Mr. WELL.... Do you have any idea of the circumstances with this current situation? I am pretty sure your answer is NO... "So people like that" might have actually been defending himself... Hence the comments "Non-Life Threatening Injuries"