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  • Liam Patterson
    January 27, 2013 - 19:13

    The chart above sources much of its price/income data from Demographia, however the Demographia survey is flawed. It is produced by a pro-development lobby group whose aim is to remove restrictions on residential development, so it is in their interest to overstate the cost of housing. Their data for Australia in particular has been shown to be incorrect - google 'Demographia Debunked' for more details. Demographia's income data for Australia doesn't match any official sources, and their dwelling price data is also incorrect as they omits the more affordable units/townhouses/semis/terraces from their calculations and only focus on standalone houses. Check the blog below for more details... http://australianpropertyforum.com/blog/entry/3174279/8081/ Cheers, Liam Patterson