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  • Nalcor ponzy scheme
    February 01, 2013 - 08:48

    Well thank god im alive to see Ed Martian and nalcor in full operation. They've did it again. Everyone bow down and thank them for putting oil in the ground. How will nova socita benefit from this one.

  • John Smith
    February 01, 2013 - 07:45

    The "Old Harry" site will be a huge find, rumour is there are several hibernia size fields in that area between NS and NL.

    • david
      February 01, 2013 - 08:39

      What garbage...'rumour'! ... I heard that they hit tomato juice, and the governemnt is already working on a plan to start a provincail chain of Italian restaurants. John Smith, you are a complete, utter, useless eejot.

    • john Smith
      February 01, 2013 - 09:08

      The rumour was from some people who have a great deal of information on the oil play offshore NL, they mentioned to me that there is huge potential in that field. There is also information available about the possible size and type of field that could be there. I don't really understand why you would lash out at me for having an opinion about a possible oil field, but I guess that's why I'm usless, and an eejot, and you are a rational, sane person...not

  • the flower
    February 01, 2013 - 06:46

    nalcor better check with the inuit leader first to get his approval on this ha ha ha