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Recent comments

  • Dale Olfstadt
    February 05, 2013 - 11:13

    No-one cares as long as Danny is happy.

  • Report Card
    February 04, 2013 - 13:11

    The CNLOPB Report Card: Grade/Subject A: Political Patronage Appointments. B: Blatant Porkbarrelling C: Communications failures and downplays oilspills and its effects. D: Dangerous workplaces due to lack of concern for safety of offshore workers. E: Environmental damages due to spillages. F: Failing grade in representing offshore workers and reglulatory duties; panders too much to big oil and is seen as a dumping ground for political favours.

    • Evaluation
      February 04, 2013 - 13:59

      Seems accurate enough; recommendations to NL Gov't & Feds; STOP WITH THE PATRONAGE APPOINTMENTS; ABOLISH THE CNLOPB; Create a new, independant regulator with educated, experienced & capable people from within the industry (with open competition for advertised positions). Institute a real mandate to protect the environment & resources, and make safety piroity one for offshore workers. Conduct annual reviews and hold the board accountable for monitoring and regulating the offshore oil industry.