Police seeking public help after reported sightings of missing man

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Joshua Miller. — Submitted photo

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Joshua Miller, 20. After an extensive search last week for the missing man, police said in a news release Friday evening that someone reported seeing Miller Friday morning, about 8 a.m, in the area of Baird Place in St. John’s. Additional information suggested Miller may have also been seen in the area of the Avalon Mall mid afternoon on Feb. 8. The RNC is working to confirm the sightings were of the missing man.

Miller is 6’1” and approximately 185 lbs. He has blue eyes, short sandy hair and when last seen was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt. The RNC major crime unit is continuing its search for Miller.

Anyone who can provide information is asked to contact the RNC at 729-8000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Information can also be provided anonymously at the website nlcrimestoppers.com.

Organizations: RNC, Crime Stoppers

Geographic location: Baird Place

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Recent comments

  • Concerned stranger
    February 22, 2013 - 10:04

    To all you negative people out there.....put your self in his parents/friend's/co-workers shoes. They must be gone out of there minds with worry and concern. I have been following Josh's story since it was first reported, I have no idea who he is, but I can tell by his friend's and co-workers posts that he is a decent young man. Think of it like this....I have no son's but I can empathize, he could be my son, brother, cousin or nephew. I pray nightly for his safe return and for his friends and family. May God keep you safe.

  • Maddy
    February 21, 2013 - 17:35

    to the family and friends of Josh Miller, I'm truly sorry for the grief you're all experiencing...stay strong for Josh and for each other. To Josh, if you're safe from harm and are able to read these posts.... whatever you're going through at this very minute...it will work its way out....we're all human and we all feel alone at times..... stay strong and please reach out to someone if you can...you have a lot of people who love you and want you home...tomorrow is another day and it will be bigger and brighter than today. From British Columbia and everywhere in between we are praying for you...god bless

  • concerned resident
    February 20, 2013 - 17:22

    People should not pass any comments until we find Josh & know if he is really ok .His family must still be gone out of their minds not knowing his where abouts .As they say... walk a mile in their shoes.I can't imagine what they are going through & I pray they soon find out where he is .If you are out there somewhere Josh please contact your family ,everything will work out for the best .Remember lots of people love you & are praying that your ok .No body's perfect & we all make mistakes .

  • co-worker
    February 17, 2013 - 18:13

    I pray Josh is safe. He is a wonderful kid..yes, he is still a kid, he is only 20. I do know for a fact that he is a hard worker, holding down 2 jobs and at 1 of his jobs he is a co-worker of mine. He wouldnt just take off like some people have been saying..something isnt rite and when we find Josh, we well find out the truth. Come home Josh..we miss you!!

  • j doe
    February 17, 2013 - 10:41

    I have not seen any info. on exactly where he got out of the cab & reportedly took off. "Stavanger / Blue Puttee are" is a pretty big area. If the police have that info. why dont they relaese it to help those still seraching? at least it would give a starting point.

  • Runninghorse
    February 16, 2013 - 15:51

    JP before you going making comments like; but someone needs to give him a hard kick in the seat of his pants for the trouble and worry he's caused if he's found alive and well," why don't you wait till the facts are out. Sounds like you don't even know the young man. I have known him since he was a toddler and everything about this is out of character for him. JP have you even stopped for a moment, read what is known to date and consider that he might have amnesia from the kick in the head he took??? Don't make judgements and speculate about things you don't know.

  • Rod Lyver
    February 16, 2013 - 15:50

    JP... if that's your real name... you're an idiot...

  • Chris Duke
    February 16, 2013 - 14:46

    To JP, " A hard kick in the seat of his pants"? The main objective of his family and friends efforts have, and will continue to be bringing Joshua home safe and sound. I had promised myself that I would make an attempt to refrain from responding to such comments but that would be the last thing we would want to do at that time upon locating him

  • Resident
    February 16, 2013 - 11:15

    I understand why they combed the area where he was last seen because if he was injured he may have passed out down around there but …..He’s not there. If he is out wandering around, perhaps in a state of shock or whatever the case may be, where would he get food?

  • Concerned
    February 16, 2013 - 10:48

    I really hope that these sightings are accurate and that Josh is found safe and sound soon! If he is out there, we have no idea of what happened that night, or since for that matter, so we cannot speculate. Who knows what this young man has endured then and since then? People need to stop judging!! Please be found safe and sound today Josh!!

  • JP
    February 16, 2013 - 07:38

    If Josh Miller is alive and out and about, there's no way he could be ignorant to the fact that everyone including the police have spent a lot of time and money searching for him. I hope he's okay, but someone needs to give him a hard kick in the seat of his pants for the trouble and worry he's caused if he's found alive and well.

    • Elizabeth
      February 16, 2013 - 12:39

      Josh is not the type of person to not keep in touch. Like really? I just hope he's ok. Looks like you need a hard kick in the pants. There is a reason he is missing. You dont know what it is and nobody else does.

    • Erika
      February 16, 2013 - 15:01

      You clearly don't know Josh. There is a reason we are all concered. Because he wouldn't do this to us all. I am praying he is alive and okay. But with that is an explanation. And we will all be willing to listen to him with no judgement and open arms to welcome our friend home.

    • Friend
      February 16, 2013 - 18:31

      Are you always such a negative person? If you haven't helped with the search, then this is not affecting you & you should keep your negative comments to yourself. Maybe you're the one who needs a kick for being "ignorant".