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  • Sherrieo
    February 21, 2013 - 08:28

    I feel search and rescue should have been responsible..but all the limited resources and cut backs and all the changes has really been felt here, RCMP haven't the resources to do this..how hard can a salvage be, or divers to go in for a short period of time to retrieve the bodies..something should be done..this is just one of the many things that have changed..Canadian Coast Guard and navy abandoning people to the sea..and Families left to mourn..SHAME on us.. I am so sad that no onee can right this wrong..and it ain't risking the lives of other people if the rescue mission is done right..and swift as can be..If it was your children out there, wouldn't you want to bring them home!! heart goes out to the families..and prayer that their bodies will be bought home to be layed to rest.

  • J
    February 21, 2013 - 07:48

    So, what you saying is we should put other men and women in harms way to retrieve bodies?

  • Islander
    February 21, 2013 - 06:50

    Would the canadian government stopped the search if it was one of their family members. If was a politican I can guarantee you .... THE SEARCH WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CALLED OFF. Bring those men back home to their families so they have some kind of closurer.... God Bless the families and the missing men.

  • Cecil
    February 20, 2013 - 20:36

    I have a clear reminder to b hopeful There is a true Canadian story of small plane went down in the arctic not so long ago , all there were presumed dead by RCMP, and other searchers , they gave up to soon , but there is an amazing story the both men were found by a boat on ice flows long after they were given up , RCMP took flax for that aswell others involved in their failed search's, however it ended well because the presumed dead , they didn't give up !! This story no one know's if their aerial's of the boat were lost n couldn't get there mayday out, who knows they may had there survival suits on, and when she caped they would be presumed trying to weather that storm, n would be presumed inside in that kind of weather, having that said there all maybe's , but sometimes that is hope, but to give up, when there is the Miss Ally boat is visible by Government boats stating this and still a float on the water who has the right to call anything off now, resume a rescue their must be air pockets to have the boat still there, their have been miracles before so Government of Nova Scotia / or RCMP get on this right away for these families, it's a sad day when a visible boat is seen and with all the Canadian Navy boats around / and Coast Guard Vessels some supported with crane's on them . I read the news more or less Government of Nova Scotia are standing down pull the plug as it is , as I write this note, In my opinion not go the 9 yards is a very sad day in this Province when every second counts. either recovery or rescue , My deepest feeling go out to all the fisherman's family's, and all Woods Harbour residents during this time ! God Bless u all !