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  • Educated
    February 21, 2013 - 14:30

    I am getting very annoyed with the ignorance of people commenting on teachers and how they have it made or should be made do this and that. The caliber of people commenting on here should in fact educate themselves on exactly what a teacher’s job entails. We get paid for5 hours a day and work much more than that. When we leave school our work comes home with us, does yours come home with you? We have to babysit kids during our morning break and on our lunch break, do you? We have staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings, school concerts, sports activities, divisional and grade level meetings, none of which is included in our work day or do we get paid for, do you have to do all these things for free outside of work hours? How about the hours of correcting and hours we spend on report cards, do you spend your Saturdays doing reports for work? Teachers with kids have it even worse, they miss their child’s first day of school and school performances because we don’t get family days, we have sick days. We cannot take a vacation when the prices are cheap we have to take it when we are allowed, can you choose your vacation dates and do you miss your child’s school events? So, to answer your question, teachers are not in school to day because they go above and beyond everyday, much more than most other professions and in reality the majority of teachers are home today doing report cards. I suggest the next time you feel the need to sit at your job, (when you are suppose to be working) and criticize teachers you should take a long hard look at what exactly you do and how you make a difference. If you still feel the need to be disgruntle you should go to MUN and complete an Education degree, they except new applicants every year!!

    • Kyle
      August 17, 2013 - 17:20

      HA HA HA! Internet people actually writing intelligent comments? You sir just made me laugh! The internet is like a giant sales market where you get all sorts of scammers and you expect an educated comment?

  • Jezebel
    February 21, 2013 - 10:59

    Teachers occupy or have occupied "power positions" in the NL legislature for decades,,they have a well feathered nest. I'm working today. My wife had to take a vacation day ,her turn to look after the kids !

  • tally
    February 21, 2013 - 08:51

    Randy Simm's posed a good question this morning about the school closure in ESDNL today....why are the teachers not at work? Govt offices are not closed, and everyone else is to report to work (including MUN, CONA, Eastern Health, social services). So why are the teachers not at work doing prep work, continuing education etc? Randy even pointed out that if the power goes in govt offices, workers have to still come to work to do paper work etc until it comes back on. So we have power, and it's not that bad out "yet", so why are teachers not reporting to work and then sent home when govt offices close? Its close to 10:30am and still not bad out, so for some teachers that is 2 hours of work already they are missing out on for 'nothing'. And getting paid for it! So much for fiscal restraint!