Harper comes through with defibrillators for hockey arenas

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper. — Canadian Press photo

The Canadian Press — Saskatoon

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going ahead with a plan to put heart defibrillators in hockey arenas across the country.

Harper was at a rink in Saskatoon when he announced details of the four-year initiative that begins with assessing the needs of 3,000 arenas.

The actual machines are to start rolling out this spring.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation says up to 40,000 Canadians experience sudden cardiac arrest each year and, on average, only about five per cent survive.

It says defibrillators could potentially save the lives of thousands of adults and children.

Harper promised the $10-million plan in the April 2011 election campaign.

Organizations: Canadian Press, Heart and Stroke Foundation

Geographic location: Saskatoon

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Recent comments

  • david
    February 22, 2013 - 16:59

    Why isn't this another "That arrogant, stupid Harper" story? Ohhhh....because most people here LOVE hockey, that's why. And this idiotic love of hockey more than offsets the fact that the cost-benefit of putting defibrilators in every arena is remarkably and objectively a complete misallocation of resources. This gets a big 'thumbs up' because...well, because it's hockey, dammit! And if you happen to get pneumonia, good luck finding a hospital bed.

  • Don II
    February 22, 2013 - 09:03

    This story is very short on details. This is one of the everyone loves mother and apple pie feel good stories that the Politicians love for the media to promote for them. How is this going to be accomplished exactly? Will the defibrillators be purchased through a public tender process or from a single source contract? If it is going to be from one supplier on a single source contract who will that supplier be? How much will the defibrillators cost? Will the defibrillators be secured and maintained properly or will they serve as door stops to keep the Zamboni gate open during between periods ice resurfacing and cleaning? Will there be people at the hockey arenas who are trained or willing to operate these defibrillators during a life threatening emergency? Will the tax payer end up paying $9000 for a $2500 defibrillator? This is the problem with the HARPER Government, lots of smoke and mirrors and very little detailed information! The larger question is,how many cardiac arrests happen at hockey arenas in Canada every year? Should people with serious heart and vascular conditions be playing hockey in a cold hockey arena in the first place?

  • Peter Quinlan
    February 21, 2013 - 22:57

    Here is a leader who actually keeps his campaign promises. A lot of people hate Harper but when you sit back for a minute & assess how well Canada is doing these days (comparatively speaking) you have to give the man credit where credit is due, especially in light of the many nutcases he has in his cabinet (& in the Senate). Tough on crime too, which is a good thing. He has my vote come next election. Justin Trudeau is all fluff and really no substance and let's not even talk about the NDP ( lest our taxes would skyrocket & economic growth would stagnate). Just my 2 cents.

  • skipper
    February 21, 2013 - 14:49

    How much would it cost the cancer curing that is already used for other diseases but big pharmicudal wont test it as they cannot make billions from it as it is already on the market.It could save thousands of lives but gutless govt. afraid of big business.