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  • Mary Cadman
    March 03, 2013 - 10:30

    It is great that the classmates can help each other out in this terrible ordeal of Bullying both in the Classroom and outside. In this way, they can keep the Communication lines open with each other, help each other and still remain friends @ the School, and Outside School. Sticking together like that is Great for the Students and their Peers HOPEFULLY!!!

  • Steven Baird
    February 27, 2013 - 14:03

    Another Pink Shirt Day is here, but I wonder how seriously the B.C. government actually is in changing the culture of bulling in our schools. The B.C. Education Minister, Don McRae comes from Comox Valley where he taught High School in sd#71 for 14 years. Right now, in his riding, is a High School that sanctions and even supports Bullying! This school has 4 main staircases to second floor classrooms. Each painted a different color. Red for grade 9's, green for 10's and so on. Use the wrong stairs and you can expect to be sworn at, pennies thrown at your head, pushed down or shoved. The grade 8's don't have a staircase so for their own safety they must navigate the school very carefully. Most vile, is when Administrators, or students visit Elementry schools in the spring to talk to the graduating grade 7's, they tell them High School will be great, but, "DON'T USE THE WRONG STAIRS" or you will have "BIG" problems. This of course terrifies these kids for the entire summer. Parents have reported to us, night terrors and severe anxiety attacks. This has been going on for years! So after all the Photo-ops Clark and McRae conduct today wearing Pink, maybe they could show up in Mcrae's riding with some pink paint and brushes and create real change. Steven Baird Managing Director Street Smart Kidz Canada streetsmartkidz.ca