UPDATE: 12 positions terminated at Newfoundland Liquor Corp.

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Carol Furlong. — File photo

The Newfoundland and Labrador Union of Public and Private Employees (NAPE) is hearing of layoffs in several departments.

“We’re not sure what the numbers are,” said president Carol Furlong.

But she said the union has heard of a couple layoffs in each of the departments of Finance, Health, Natural Resources and Environment.

“I sure as heck don’t think it’s going to get any better,” Furlong said.

“There’s considerable anxiety and tension in the public services. … It’s a very difficult time.”

Furlong said the public should be concerned about the services they are going to get as a result of layoffs and hiring freezes.

As well, Furlong said it points to poor succession planning as young people have no where to go in government.

The Telegram reported today that there are 21 vacancies among client services officers in income support across the province.

Furlong said not only will that cause frustration on behalf of income support recipients, but also burnout on those who remain, who will bear the brunt of clients’ frustrations.

Workers could end up off work on stress because of the extra workload, she said.

The Human Resources Secretariat could not be reached for comment.

Earlier this week, The Telegram reported three layoffs at the College of North Atlantic headquarters.

According to the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corp, (NLC) nine full-time management positions and three union positions were terminated as a result of a budget process review.

A spokesman said had the corporation maintained the cost structure as it existed, it would not have been able to reach its performance objectives for the next fiscal period starting in April.




Organizations: Newfoundland and Labrador Union of Public and Private Employees, Human Resources Secretariat, The Telegram CBC

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Recent comments

  • EDfromRED
    March 03, 2013 - 18:20

    The NLC let people go and then over the weekend they raise their already outrageous prices even higher!! You can get a 24 case of beer in Florida for $15-$16. The breweries here must add diamond dust to the vats to account for the outrageous price here. Of course the politicians don't give a damn. They get all the free booze they want from the NLC, off of our backs. Looks like I'm gonna start doing some moon-shining, as my Father did in his day. I for one am sick and tired of the NLC robbing us blind. At least in my neck of the woods we don't have to worry about the police...Unicorn sightings are more frequent than patrol cars.

  • Foghorn Leghorn
    March 02, 2013 - 09:14

    They should take it one step further and look at privatizing the whole operation. You have sales clerks starting over 18 dollars an hour not to mention a full benefits package. Then you have people working similar positions for private companies making 10 dollars an hour. It simply does not make any sense?