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  • Hank
    March 14, 2013 - 18:24

    Most of this fish is harvested for its spawn, Fish eggs are an expensive item in a High Class Dining Court , But the Biggest Expense is to the fish stock ! How can a fish stock survive or grow when their eggs are harvested for an high class meals The DEPT of FISHERIES. should collect the fish spawn themselves and hatch the eggs and release the small fish into protected coves and bays, that would help increase the fish stock, I have a colour graph report that is over 30 Years old, That tells of how one Cod egg in a Million survives to become an adult Cod fish, This report was put out 30+ years ago when the fish stock was STRONG,If it was one in a Million 30+ Years ago how low is it now? THE only way to Help REBUILD THE COD STOCK IS WITH THE USE OF THE FISH HATCHERY WHERE FISH EGGS CAN BE HATCHED, AND WHEN THE YOUNG TOM CODS OR SALMON ETC REACHES A DETERMINED SIZE THEN RELEASE THEM INTO SMALL PROTECTED BAYS OR COVES TO GROW AND MULTIPLY and REBUILD THE STOCK, THEN THE SURVIVAL RATE OF A COD FISH MAY INCREASE FROM ONE IN A MILLION TO MANY HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS IN A MILLION. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO INCREASE THE FISH STOCK BE IT SALMON, COD OR SOME OTHER SPECIES, MAN HAS REDUCED THE FISH STOCK, AND ONLY MAN CAN HELP REBUILD IT