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  • An east ender
    March 15, 2013 - 09:09

    My mother lives directly across the street from this house,she was burned out 20 years ago which was a 3 alarm fire she lost everything but the fire stared with the adjoining home,not only was my family home burned it also caused considerable amount of damage to 3 other homes.The home that the fire started at was a rental property that had no fire rated gyroc if it had it these other homes maybe would have not been damaged as much as they have been.What I wonder what are council thinking of when they let landlords turn these big old 125-150 year old homes into 3and 4 apartment houses,each apartment having stoves,fridges,microwaves, most homes today have 2-3 TV,s most homes downtown are tinder boxes most are not up to code,time to stop this council.