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  • concerned
    March 20, 2013 - 07:13

    Seems to me that the police are so concerned about getting the big guy (advancing their careers) that the public is being ignored.They leave these houses in operation so they can further the investigation. People just want to be safe. I lived in this neighborhood for many years and observed this crazy behavior . one thing I noticed that if a police car shows up in the area. this lunacy stops for hours.Catching the bad guys is wonderful. But another nut always pops up to take their place. If they made it impossible to do business by cracking down on the "crack houses ". At least public safety would appear to be a concern.

  • Southside Rd resident
    March 19, 2013 - 21:13

    Not so long ago the same thing happened just down the road from me at 3:30 in the afternoon,at the same time shots were heard my young child could have been walking to get a Tim Bit ,but instead he was on a school bus coming the other direction.I agree that landlords should do and have the right to inspect,when a complaint is sounded it's up to the landlord to act,believe me I have been one and it was my responsibility ,if the situation needed police then the landlord has to take charge,but some just wants their rent on time and everything is alright.Another thing do the readers think that maybe council should have a play in this,why in the world are they allowing homeowners to turn their single dwelling homes into 3-4 apartments or 6 room bed sitting rooms,most that rents places like these are very low income renters that has other hobbies on the side,I am sure there are single people who rent rooms but not families,My heart goes out to this mans 3 children now no father,but unfortunately this kind of activites involves the whole family.

  • billdby
    March 19, 2013 - 20:08

    ..I salute the RNC who are trying to do thier best . ...the drug racket would be shut down if citizens started cracking down and reporting more drug dealers...use the tip line from a pay phone ..it can't get traced back to you...

  • Annie
    March 19, 2013 - 14:00

    I think that it is totally ridiculous the amount of activity that goes on like this in neighbourhoods. People who want to have a quasi normal, decent life who cannot afford big time rents or to buy a house in a new subdivision are S O L. Lower or fixed income people are the ones that will see more and more of this as there is this inherant need for people of similar behaviours to cluster together. BMC and the "Blocks" are examples of this from yester' year. Whatever the situation though, this Man didnt deserve to die such a horrible death as I am sure he did. My condolences go out to his family and friends. On another note, let this be a wake up call for those who are find themselves in similar environments as to what can happen. This kind of lifestyle is a lose lose situation...lose your family, friends or your life.

  • Anon
    March 19, 2013 - 13:56

    legalize and people don't get killed in drug-deals. Invest in rehab programs and accessible therapies and the stats go down lower again. Or whine and complain about your tax dollars going to low-lifes and let them kill each other so you can make the same whiny complaints later.

  • Danny
    March 19, 2013 - 13:27

    I have lived in most major cities in Canada.This is a small town a burb with crime RNC is not equiped to handle.How is it possible for a small city of less then 200,000 St.John's to rival the crime rate of Cities in the millions?

  • marzo
    March 19, 2013 - 13:06

    The problem here is the police in this city and province worry about the Weed coming in. You see in the news BIG BUST operation FAIL as far as i'm concerned. I don't know if they are oblivious to the harder drugs or are not equiped to take on the BIG FISH. Our judicial system is a joke.

  • Suggestion on How to Clean Up Drug Problem
    March 19, 2013 - 12:55

    Drugs, drugs, drugs. When is it going to stop? Let's introduce mandatory drug testing. Start at the top with all elected officials, then all employees who work within the justice system, then all employees who work in the medical profession, hospitals, pharmacist, etc. then the regular employees of each and every company and then WORK OUR WAY DOWN. People will be caught and these people will start talking. That's the only way to clean up our city's. Drugs cost lots of money. Not every kid is doing a B&E to support their drug habit.

  • Fed Up
    March 19, 2013 - 12:18

    How about locking people up after they are caught traffiking drugs, but no, they get away with it continuously. Why would these people stop when they are let off with it over and over again. They don't care because there are never any consequesces! Our system is a joke, it's ridiculous! Sickening thing is he'll probably get away with this too.

  • Fed Up
    March 19, 2013 - 12:12

    Time to crack down and solve this problem, how about locking people up after they are caught traffiking drugs, but no, they get away with it continuously. Why would these people stop when they are let off with it over and over again. They don't care because there are never any consequesces! Our system is a mess, it's ridiculous!

    • Random
      March 19, 2013 - 12:23

      Burn this hole down, friggin disgusting! What has this city come to, bunch of scumbags.

  • Max
    March 19, 2013 - 12:08

    Property management companies seem to be getting a Black eye, but bear in mind they only manage the property, collect the rent, and arrange for necessary repairs. The owner must be made responsible for knowing of and allowing such a situation to continue. Perhaps a heavy fine or possibly forfeiture of the property would move them to take action in such a situation. It is quite unacceptable that innocent people should be made to fear for their well being and forced to live with such conditions, with their only option being to move. The transgressors need to be dealt with very early in the piece by the law.

  • Stephen D Redgrave
    March 19, 2013 - 11:38

    RNC do what they have to do and follow our constitution very well. The poor guys and girls of our police have their hands tied I agree, but as we've seen, when it's time to strike...they are right on the money!! They got a real bad guy off the streets in record time ..BIG KUDO'S.

  • Whaddaya At
    March 19, 2013 - 10:55

    Drugs, loud drunken parties, prostitution, fights in your neighbourhood ?. Call the RNC. They'll take care of it. lol.

  • Had to move
    March 19, 2013 - 10:25

    I can totally relate to this situation. I used to live in a house on Alexander street but had to move due to the low life scum that lived in the yellow house. Anybody living on Alexander street knows exactly what I'm talking about. I had to call the police on numerous occasions as did my neighbours. We wrote the city and complained to the property managers. It all seemed to fall on deaf ears. I felt so helpless and was constantly afraid. I'm so glad to not live there anymore and am thankful the jibberish yelling/singing alcoholics /drug addicts kept their heads inside their windows long enough for me to sell the house.

  • Eli
    March 19, 2013 - 09:59

    And after about four years, fourteen court appearences and five or six fired lawyers this waste of time will go to trial. But not before lawyers who will have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars agree on day parole for a few months. Jeeez!

  • d
    March 19, 2013 - 09:58

    Should be charged with 1st degree murder...he won't serve hardly anything on 2nd degree murder charges.

  • wow
    March 19, 2013 - 09:25

    joey ,joey say hello for me to the father ,son and the holly ghost R.I.P

  • DON
    March 19, 2013 - 08:59

    Were are our police? Huh--Anyone?. Its like this place had a big neon sign on top saying--Hey we are a drug house and a whore house --Blink Blink-Can they read?--Blink Blink..'.Drug House Whore House"-Follow the big neon sign. DUH.

    • wavy
      March 19, 2013 - 09:41

      Where are the police? They're out busting people for possession of marijuana instead of focusing and prioritizing their limited resources on ridding the streets of these scumbags, the ones who pose a real threat to society.

  • Ex-resident
    March 19, 2013 - 08:45

    Landlords and property managers are a joke when it comes to dealing with situations like this. I lived quite close to a drug dealing motorhome and dealt with the same kind of issues as the folks on Tessier. No one is willing to help - this I learned first hand. I complained to my property management company on many occasions, practically begging them to add fencng, a chain, anything to help keep the activity off of the property, yet all I was told was to call the police. When I did try to involve authorities to stop an ongoing situation we were targeted with a violent act and the police could/would not do anything about this retaliation. The message was sent loud and clear. We moved within a month to avoid any further acts of violence and ensure the family's safety. It's not fair that my family was driven out of a home and neighborhood that we otherwise enjoyed. Tessier is not the first and it's not the end. Property management, landlords and home owners should be held accountable, or at least be held accountable to alleviate safety concerns for its tenants and/or their neighbors. Everyone just turns a blind eye and the people themselves do and probably should be fearful for speaking out against it. You and your family may just end up being at the end of a retaliation and forced to move as well.