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  • R Burns
    July 11, 2013 - 07:06

    Boring...same nonsense just more of it. Methadone truly is the opiate of the masses being the poor and uneducated no one else would bother...the endless regulations simply are barriers to reaching anyone but the most hard core. You are still allowed to import a 30 day supply so a visit to a "pain clinic" and the 99 dollar each way flight to Florida compared to the nonsense connected to obtaining methadone further 30 days is open to interpretation and you can usually get a 60 days supply. I was able to get 480 tablets as 2=4 tablets 4x daily, the customs guy didn't give it more than a look over, Always declare the medication leave them in the properly labelled bottle and spend a few dollars or the alternative is the methadone clinic and it's endless patronizing nonsense, let me know when you see and doctors or lawyers in the Meth line that will tell you when you have a fair program and not something for the poor and uneducated that passes for care

  • Kayla
    March 27, 2013 - 11:15

    I've been on Methadone for just over a year now it has changed my life, I became "clean" so to speak the first day I got my drink I didnt want to abuse this second chance by taking methadone as a free high, I am tapering off now and would like to swtich to Suboxone but with the health plan that Im on its not covered where as Methadone is... I have only heard great things about Suboxone and that it is so much easier to get off and faster.. In my clinic you can get your Dr to fill out an application for you that can get you full coverage with the drug so Im hoping that Im lucky enough to be accepted. Its very sad to hear just how common it is to buy Methadone on the streets, its a fatal drug in even small amounts to someone that has never been on it and although Im very grateful that I only have to go once a week and get carries I hope that they can figure out a way to help stop this from happening but without it effecting the people that are on it that take it properly and want to get better. Another clinic in my city has reported patients not even waiting until they are around the corner to sell there carrier they do it as soon as they are out the door and nothing has been done about it. I read in another article that some clinics will call patients that have carries on random days make them come in to show them what they have to prove that they are taking them correctly and if not then they lose there carries, my clinic has made no mention of this being a part of the program and after a year being there they have never done that to me but I think thats a fantastic idea and should be something thats done in every clinic.

  • jaclyn
    March 25, 2013 - 23:43

    The methadone program is good to stabilize but after months th patient needs to see the light at the end if the tunnel Suboxone is not being used enough

  • Lynne Moss Sharman
    March 24, 2013 - 12:52

    Suboxone is being used successfully in Northwestern Ontario as a replacement for Methadone. It is not a 'life-long' medication like Methadone -- it is not addictive. Its use will be resisted by M. clinics because of their monopoly and huge profits. See your family physician about Suboxone.