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  • CEP
    March 25, 2013 - 18:45

    We cannot blame one person or group of people here. The internet and all its glory came on stream fast and furious. It is so fast that we can't control it. We can, however, counteract its negative affects. As an educator, I strongly believe that topics such as sexual exploitation, digital citizenship and media literacy should be a large part of our curriculum. The government spent a great deal of money recently on a campaign for play. Altough it is an important message to get across to some parents the amount of money between tv,radio commercials, news ads and colored printed handouts (that all my students through in the trash on their way out the door) was a complete waste of taxpayers money. Our children need guidance NOW to think critically about the images and videos seen on the internet/and other forms of media . We need to turn the negative influences around and have them use this wonderful tool of technology to their advantage. There are EXCELLENT resources out there for parents and educators to combat this sexual revolution. Miss Representation is a fantastic documentary(Sundance Film Festival/OWN network) highlighting the misrepresentations exhibited in the media. Our youth are getting THE WRONG message and it is up to entire communities to get involved. Everyone needs to take responsibility.--not just the parents and educators but everyone.

  • Tough Dad
    March 25, 2013 - 13:58

    There is not enough space here to comment justly on Teenage Sex, Violence and Drug Abuse. I mean, if you look at programs like Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, Criminal Minds, etc., and most of the "Frigging" American reality shows on TV these days, it shouldn't be surprising that Teenagers today are running into challenges and have little guidance. The truth is we shouldn't blame the teenager. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to take control of the "influences" bombarding our children. Turn off the TV, shut down the internet, take TVs our of children's rooms is a great start. There is a friend of mine where the family sits down for a family meal with their smart phones and watching TV at the same time. And you wonder why children tend to be out of control. Allowing children in primary school to have cell phones is another thing that should never be allowed. If a parent doesn't know where their 5, 6 or 7 year old child is at any given time that they need to have a cell phone, there is something wrong with the parenting. Educators, as well, need to have the Kudos to absolutely NOT allow smart phones in the school...PERIOD. I know of dozens of cases where teachers allow students to text and use smart phones "in the classroom"! Students are there to learn, folks! As parents and educators, we are lazy and irresponsible by allowing the "virtual world" to raise our children and turning them into malnourished, inactive, overweight and obstinate individuals. And that is a shame! Don't blame the children when we provide them with the mind - numbing distractions which are raising our children.

  • Duffy
    March 25, 2013 - 12:09

    The Police can not fix what parents have screwed up for the last 15-16 years by just showing up at school for an hour. If a teacher says "Boo" to a child the parents are there screaming and hollering, if an officer stops a kid for a minor offense the parents are saying why are they not catching real criminals, Daddy gets stopped for speeding and calls the officer a ass_____ in front of his kids as he is driving off. Mommy takes teenage daughter out and lets her by inappropriate attire for the school or in many cases for anywhere - to be her friend. They let the kids drink alcohol at home because we know where they are excuse. Society wants instant gratification in whatever they do and this is passed on to our children. How many teenagers work for extra money - not many - because Mommy and Daddy hand out $20 like it is water. Parents today want to be friends with their children and forget to parent them. Blame, look at home first then go outside.

  • Sin
    March 25, 2013 - 10:49

    Solution: Teach abstinence and self-respect. Turn off the bad influences music and tv early in the child's life. Don't dress a child or teen like a ****. Parents be good role models.

  • Anon
    March 25, 2013 - 09:05

    but how could they be getting mixed messaged with all of that pop-music and tv-shows?