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Recent comments

  • yo mama
    March 30, 2013 - 05:46

    Excellent strategy, they should do the same with any unhealthy habit, alcohol, dirty ass fast food...etc.

  • Enforce the Legislation
    March 29, 2013 - 20:29

    Quote: "The province says it has made several changes to legislation............and banning smoking in areas around government buildings". Mr. Kennedy, when did this come into effect? Last week I was conducting business at one of your crown corporations and 6 people where just outside the door having a smoke. You could smell the smoke in the conference room. If you are committed to the promotion of health, please sir, enforce your legislation.

    March 28, 2013 - 19:51

    Oh Please, give me a break!! This Government will rake in app. 8 extra million on the 30 cent cigarette pack increase, and the Minister wants us to belive that by taking off the tax rebate in Labrador, he hopes it will decrease the amount of tobacco sales, for the health of the smokers!! He knows there will be millions made in tobacco sales because of this action and to say otherwise is laughable at best. Does he think the electorate are absolutely stunned as a box of rocks??? Personally , I think it's about time ,but please be honest. It's for increased revenue , nothing more nothing less. Lab City residents have had this perk for to long. Most smokers in Lab City can afford to pay the extra bucks for a pack of fags and pay they will. This Government caved into the shop owners yrs back because they said they were losing revnue because of cross the border shopping. That being said , there will be increased smuggling from tobacco from Fermont to Lab City, but let the RNC and RCMP handle that. But again , to say the rebate is to hopefully make people reconsider smoking because of the price increase, is just another bold faced LIE that this last term Government is trying in vain, to pursuade us to believe. Pathetic Mr. Kennedy , just pathetic.