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• When shaking the loose, rusty rail on an east end St. John’s bridge, the concrete it’s bolted to rocks along with it.

And layered stonework surrounding a metal culvert below the bridge deck is crumbling towards the Virginia River.

When last inspected in November 2012, city technicians rated the Virginia River structure at Charter Avenue unsafe, the worst condition in a five-category rating system.

But two senior civil engineers took a closer look, and according to the city, after a more thorough inspection deemed the bridge in poor condition and unchanged from previous inspections. That’s a step up from unsafe.


• Liberal candidate Yvonne Jones says Peter Penashue’s reference to spending irregularities during Tuesday’s Labrador byelection debate was a sign of desperation.

“Peter Penashue was being malicious,” Jones said Wednesday. “He was trying to take the heat off himself because he’s a failed Tory candidate in this race.”

Penashue denies what he did was a desperation tactic, or a form of mud slinging. He told TC Media Wednesday he wasn’t planning to make the accusation during the debate.

“I hadn’t decided what I was going to do, but I certainly wasn’t going to be questioned about the campaign,” he said.

“And I said, ‘Well, if you’re so credible, why is this on your record?’”


• If the city of St. John’s has parking problems and is paying big bucks to maintain its public transportation system, it is up to the city to deal with it, says the mayor of Paradise.

Ralph Wiseman told The Tele­gram Wednesday Paradise hasn’t had a discussion as a group regarding a regional transportation system, and the only municipality talking about it is St. John’s.

“We don’t have a Metrobus system here in the town of Paradise. We did studies a couple of years ago and found people are not interested in riding it. So, what do you do? I did hear St. John’s spends $11 million in public transportation for the citizens of St. John’s, and that is what they are elected to do,” he said.

“If they’ve got a parking problem in the city of St. John’s, they don’t expect councils from Paradise, C.B.S., Mount Pearl or Torbay to come in and suggest what they should do and help them solve their problems. … That is what they are elected to do, to deal with the problems they have.”



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