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  • ground sar
    May 01, 2013 - 08:52

    as a ground search and rescue as well as a air search and rescue volenteer I get asked about this a lot. its not just newfoundland, its labrador and its ocean borders. As many know bad things happen and when your in severe hypothermic conditions like the atlantic ocean time is ticking. A lot of people had the misconception of as soon as the call went in, wheels up and out to get you, but thats not the case. I really fear for anyone in trouble in the wilderness. I always tell people over prepare takw everything you can with you because *IF* they come and get you it wont be for a while. Several times I was scheduled to do training on the herc and many times they had to turn around and cancel due to equipment failure. If you cant even train how can you search. As things fall apart the volenteer side of things (ground search and rescue as well as air search and rescue -casara-) will be called upon more and more. But these organizations are voleteer run with members having to provide own equipment and training. Something needs to be done....and not tomorrow, not next week, not when the next budget gets in, NOW NOW NOW!!

  • kevin
    April 30, 2013 - 23:28

    yes and the likes of Harper to take Search and Rescue out of NL is something that makes me and the overwhelming majority if NLers sick. this guy and the Conservative gov't are destroying everything that we have attained since joining this country since 1949...shame on you!