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• Harold Humby wasn’t sure what to make of it. The St. Lunaire-Griquet resident looked out his window Wednesday morning and saw a large gathering near his home.

“I wondered what was going on and there they were out by my shed,” Humby said, speaking of two polar bears — between two and three years old, approximately 250 pounds each — that are visiting the town. “They didn’t do any damage, but they can be quite surly.”


• Premier Kathy Dunderdale says it’s time for action on the country’s search and rescue system, and she’s calling on the federal government to step up.

In the wake of the federal auditor general’s report into the national search and rescue system, Dunderdale said she wants to hear a specific plan from Ottawa on how it’s going to fix things.

“We are extremely concerned by the matters raised in the AG’s report on search and rescue,” Dunderdale said during question period in the House of Assembly Wednesday. “Everyone in this province is seriously concerned because all of us, to this day, are still connected in some way or other to the sea, and the health and safety of the people who earn their livings on the sea, or who play on the sea, are extremely important to us.”


• By the time the case of two accused murderers goes to trial, it will be more than three years since Nick Winsor was killed.

After several delays and preliminary issues, Philip Wayne Pynn and Lyndon Malcolm Butler finally had their trial dates scheduled Wednesday.

Their eight-week trial was tentatively set to begin at Newfoundland Supreme Court in St. John’s Sept. 9, 2014 — the same day jury selection is expected to be held.



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  • Susan
    May 02, 2013 - 12:36

    Hi Ken, The reason I & I think others recheck the tely page more than once a day or after reading the print edition is to see what any news is since I last visited - I think that is the function of a news page - by definition. With the banner change, I like the deals banner - but seriously - an autos banner - God Bless Us - who needs that at the expense opf not having the latest news. Same goes for Community - when I click it, I get the Birth announcements - reality check!!! a community link that just gives birth announcements is NOT IMPROVING THE ONLINE EXPERIEMNCE FOR YOUR READERS. At least for now I know where the birth announcements are on the 1 or 2 occasions a yr I want to find them. Opinion is given a tab in the banner - yet the same info & the titles that give little idea of content are already given a section - down the left banner of the page, Similarly the living, business & sports tabs all have their own sections when you scroll down the page. + looks to me like tons of room to keep a tab for latest news - since there is no other easy way to get to it. As you knoiw people want to be able to click 7 get the info they want - not to have to click news, then local, regional of Canada-World to get the latest news. Sure, I know you will add the big stories to the top 3 on the Tely page - but your, my and others interest in what is news varies - & now you've got 4 clicks. Not only that - BUT CHECK OUT YOUR REGIONAL NEWS - THE LEAD STORY IS FROM APR (fair enough) - BUT THEN THE STORIES ARE AUG 2012!!!!! SOMETHING NOT RIGHT HERE. & I WQAS SIMPLY TRYING TO GET THE LATEST NEWS TAB ON THE BANNER RESTORED - FOR ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO GOES TO THE NEWSPAPER SITE TO LOOK FOR NEWS!!!!! I am sure this turned out to be far worse than either you or I expected!!!!! The Tely has been my newspaper and news source since I learned to read (not yesterday). The tely online is the place where I go for timely news - other than removing the tab for latest news & only including 3 story headings in the section entitled "Today in the full edition of The Telegram" & rarely having any way to know when there is a theatre review in the Tely, I go to the tely online as my source for news - esp throughout the day. I go to VO rarely - more if there is something i can't find of the tely - and rarely go to CBC either for the same reason & because the URL is not as easy or convenient. & yes i do click on adverts. These are all constructive comments - maybe should be in a letter to the editor to get in the opinion section - so others could give you their feedback that indeed the reason for accessing the tely esp > once a day is to see what the latest news is. & the reason it would be good to see what is in the print edition - is so people like me can purchase the paper - print version or online - in order to read the story. Also, the format of the page from the latest news ta w a few lines & w a pic is is much nicer than the smaller print text w no pics from the news link. The format w the latest news link was pretty perfect & I bet others found it was a great online experience for your readers and kept them coming back. I know that's what it did for me and kept me on your site rather than the competitions.

  • susan
    May 02, 2013 - 09:55

    could you readd the latest news link to the banner on the top of the page - I miss it.

    • Ken Simmons
      May 02, 2013 - 11:37

      Susan, we have streamlined the menu at the top of our page, aiming to improve the online experience for our readers. Thanks for your feedback, your comments will help us in future planning. In the meantime, all our latest news is right there under the News link, with the freshest story right at the top. You can also find it under the Local tab, with Breaking News added as it happens. Keep reading!