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  • ...come on
    June 20, 2013 - 11:20

    @come on... narrowing traffic lanes typically forces drivers to reduce their speeds and results in fewer accidents. The waterfront is not a highway - it should be redesigned for people, and shared with cars and not the current model where the "needs" of drivers outweigh those of pedestrians. Regardless, the reno looks terrible. Increasing the height won't fix the original design flaws. Imploding it and investing in parking further west, and better public transportation would. St. John's had a more developed public transportation in 1900 then it does today.

  • glynn morrissey
    June 14, 2013 - 12:08

    I always hated this building on the waterfront of the city...that and Atlantic Place. The parking garage looks like the toothless grin of a bad joke gone wrong. Atlantic Place looks like brick box. Both defeat the look of the architecture of the city and definetly take away from the beautiful views. To me this improvement will do nothing except enhance it's grossness of development gone wrong. The better design would be something similar to the Rooms concept where our heritage of vernacular architecture in NL is reflected. Pratt has done his best to repair the overall look but in the end I fear it will look like an insane asylum or other such institution....sitting right on the beautiful water front of the old city!

  • Maggy Carter
    June 14, 2013 - 09:17

    This was, is and will continue to be an ugly building - that includes Atlantic Place itself. Mr. Pratt no doubt did his best but his design is still akin to lipstick on a pig. Not that anyone walking along Water Street or Harbour Drive will notice, of course. The hotel units are recessed, so they're only visible from across the harbour. As for coloured screens improving the 'overall look' of the building - you've got to be kidding. How long before the screens become clogged with dirt to the point that exhaust fumes in the garage become an issue? And perhaps Mr. Hann could explain how the choice of recessed brick versus concrete will make the sidewalk wider. Ms. Duff says she'd like to see the roadway narrowed to make more room for pedestrians. No problem. Mr. Pratt has already used his magic pen - not only to widen the sidewalk - but to add four new lanes and a grassy median on Harbour Drive. That's right - Harbour Drive has only one lane of traffic in each direction at the moment, but Sonoco's drawings courtesy of Mr. Pratt now show three lanes of traffic in each direction. Where exactly is the Port Authority going to put that ugly new city taxpayer funded fence so as to allow six lanes of traffic and a median? In the harbour per chance. This is hucksterism at its worst - as is the phoney July 4th public meeting. Why is it that governments at every level have such a hard time telling the truth. Why is it that council can't simply acknowledge that - faced with a threat that the owners might make an application to tear down the garage to put up something more profitable - it decided to cut a back room deal? And maybe this is the best deal they could get. But please stop trying to con the public into believing that this is a wonderful architectural enhancement to Harbour Drive - anymore than that giant Keg/Port Authority monstrosity you approved up the street. Can't wait for September.

  • picky
    June 14, 2013 - 09:02

    This won't get council approval because some resident will complain the the hotel will block the view of the fuel storage tanks on the southside hills.

  • Downtown resident
    June 14, 2013 - 08:22

    It's great that you can see our city expanding and that we are doing well,but where is all the parking going to be for these hotels and buildings I know the city are saying that parking garages are there for these hotels but there are already 50 parking spots going already,you can,t get parking now at the Atlantic place when you have business in thedowntown area,water street is almost impassible with the high volumes of traffic,god forbid if you are wheelchair or disabled Water street has 3-4 disabled parking the Waterfront has neither one so forget eating at the Keg or any other restaurant if you are wheelchair.I wonder where Marie White is now she was so vocal for awhile when it came to people with disabilities and parking I guess she don't shop or eat in the downtown area anymore.Maybe it's time to turn Water St oneway and the Waterfront the opposite way.Just a suggestion.But councilors work on the disable parking in the downtown another thing if store owners don't clear their sidewalks it's useless to have a disable spot in front of their business.

  • Come on
    June 14, 2013 - 07:53

    Duff wants to narrow the traffic lanes for wider sidewalks???? Really??? Spend thousands to widen the sidewalk maybe a foot?? Then we will have more car accidents and they will have to widen the traffic lane in a few years.