Blackhead residents not fans of campground proposal

Andrew Robinson
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Noise among the issues raised concerning site on road leading to Cape Spear

More than 50 people attended a public meeting at St. John’s City Hall Tuesday night to discuss an application to develop a park and campground on Blackhead Road. — Photo by Andrew Robinson/The Telegram

Those who attended a public meeting Tuesday night to discuss a proposal to develop a private park and campground on Blackhead Road leading to Cape Spear had a lot of problems with the proposed development.

More than 50 people attended the meeting at St. John’s City Hall, and those who spoke about the proposed Cape Spear Family Campground raised a number of issues. Each time a speaker finished, the rest of the audience clapped to show their support.

The proposed park and campground covers a 21-acre property with frontage of 105 metres along Blackhead Road. It would have 38 spaces for RVs and 143 for tents and small trailers, plus yurts, a multi-purpose building, a greenhouse and a small barn. The property is located in front of Long Pond.

Phil Oliver, who has lived in the area all his life, expressed concerns about the effect the park would have when it’s filled to capacity with campers, suggesting it could triple the population of the area with upwards of 700 people at the site.

“We’ve got a little unique community out here,” said Oliver. “It’s quiet.”

He also said it would have a noticeable effect on traffic in the area, which is already significant in the spring and summer, given the nearby presence of the most easterly point in North America — the Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site.

Area resident Angela King said even if the proponent plans to enforce a policy banning the public consumption of alcohol at the site, noise from the park is bound to affect nearby residents.

“Campers like to party,” she said, suggesting they will congregate at a local beach to drink.


Geographic location: Blackhead Road, North America, King George V Park

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Recent comments

  • Blackhead Resident
    June 20, 2013 - 21:31

    Sounds like your aggressive attitude is one reason why the “legendary friendly Newfoundlander” is disappearing. The people of Blackhead invite visitors to visit the most easterly point in North America. Thousands and thousands of visitors drive through their community on a yearly basis to visit Cape Spear. The people of Blackhead invite people to hike along their portion of the east coast walking trail and pour water from their own bottled water for thirsty hikers. They do not however invite 700+ campers to camp adjacent to their properties and in their back woods. Do not judge before you know all of the facts.

  • C. Escobedo
    June 20, 2013 - 21:22

    The majority people of this small community do not want a camp ground in there back yard. If it was in your back yard , would you want it? As we all know camp sites bring many of drinker's and parties. I have been to many of camp grounds in NFLD and it is one big party. Yes you do have some camp grounds that get family campers, but there is always a party and lots of drinking & drugs. Blackhead says no, leave this community alone, go somewhere else.

  • Joe
    June 20, 2013 - 18:11

    It appears that the people who want the camp are NOT living in Blackhead and as a result don't have to concern themselves with the problems it will cause . Maybe these people should provide the Proponents with their addresses so they can submit an application to put the camp behind their home for their enjoyment . It's so easy to give approval for something like this when you DON'T live in the area and DON'T have to deal with the negative consequences of this . Right now there are NO problems here in Blackhead . I wont be able to say that if this camp is put here . This has nothing to do with preventing progress . This is all about placing a camp in a peaceful community with a great quality of life and introducing needless problems ,that currently don't exist ,and will ruin that way of life . Camps like ButterPot ,Marine Dr ,Trailes End ,Cochrane Pd , are located in isolated areas so not to negatively affect residential areas . This is not the proper location for such a camp . The vast majority of the residents of Blackhead are against this camp and clearly showed this at the Public Meeting at City Hall this week . Right now we have a couple of people that want to place the camp in the community ,against the concerns of most of the people of the community , in order to make a dollar regardless of the problems it will bring . At the same time most Blackhead residents have either been living here their whole lives or 15 plus years while the Proponents don't live in the community . Surprise we do pay taxes .Being part of the City Of ST John's we are expected pay the same taxes as everyone else in the City . At the Public Meeting people expressed their concern that the decision on this camp had already been made even before this meeting . It was stressed at the Meeting that this was not the case ,no decision had been made , inspite of what people had heard . As there were only 2 or 3 counselors at the Public Meeting it is hoped that all counselors will familiarize themselves with this very important issue and the position of the residents of Blackhead . No one from the community , who spoke at the Public Meeting , spoke in favour of this camp and counsel needs to listen to the people of Blackhead .

  • Jay
    June 20, 2013 - 14:09

    Why should the people of the Blackhead area be blamed here?The problem is that the city consistently "plans" these developments without any input from the residents. Then they present them as completed deals and wonder why people complain. The residents from the Blackhead area should have been included in this "plan" right from the beginning, and their concerns and suggestions should have been considered. Instead, the city, once again, is trying to ram something down the throats of people who might embrace the concept if they were given a chance to help in the development stage. Maybe the city should hire somebody who has a basic understanding of proper planning.

  • sherry minnett
    June 19, 2013 - 19:51

    I just want to correct some of your info from last night. The info that I have states the application is for 129 campsites for tents , 85 campsites for RV's, 16 cabins in a small compound of sorts, a large mixed -use site which is to be occupied by a parking lot, petting coral,permanent residence, coffeehouse,general store, laundry facility, convenience station and a glass enclosed observation deck, an archery range, three sizable parking/storage areas, two yurts, a playground and a pentagonal group area building, a day use area with a pondside boardwalk with a small dock on land outside of the legal boundaries of the property, a greenhouse. turning this down is nothing personal with the applicants . This proposed plan will turn our quiet neighbor hood upside. Most of the residents of blackhead do not want this .The turn out last night just showed exactly that. We are very passionate about our quiet neighborhood after all this is why we moved here 20 years ago. This developement leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and many others as well. All the issues were how the residents of blackhead feel.We hope the counsil members take into consideration the people who have lived here all their lives .This developement will destroy our community as we know it now.

    • No thanks
      June 20, 2013 - 11:08

      For anybody in favour of this park, I bet they don't live in the area. They probably are in favour of 10 story buildings downtown too. It's easy to be for or against something when it doesn't affect you. Being that close to town, you will get the younger ones that like to party. I would if I was younger. Who is building the park? Does he want to build where none of the neighbours want him??

  • seanoairborne
    June 19, 2013 - 18:03

    Geez!Here we go again!.It puzzles me that people who live in such areas get all swollen up over something like a park!Everybody wants it as quiet as possible in their little domains,but,unfortunately there are many more people who would love to have a park where they can go on the weekend, relax and enjoy the serenity of being close to the ocean and hearing the waves crashing upon the rocks below . These residents seem to think that they ,to the exclusion of all others,have more rights then the average taxpayer in the city of St.John"s!it's every taxpayers right to enjoy the amenities provided to and for its citizens in the whole community! it were left up to these 50 people there would be no cities or towns for them to work in, or to live the lifestyles they live, if it weren't for the rest of the taxpayers that support the infrastructure,water,sewer and electricity ,with their hard earned tax dollars so these clowns are able to live their quiet lifestyles.If the city listens to these selfish clowns and don't build this park then,in the next election whatever counsel member goes along with these malcontents ought to be thrown out on their a**es by the voter!

    • Blackhead Resident
      June 20, 2013 - 19:38

      The residents of Blackhead are hard working people. They do no depend on city water and city sewer as you do. They have invested their hard earned money in septic tanks and artesian wells. These so-called clowns police St. John’s, doctor your children, care for the elderly, and process your welfare check! You can ignorantly sit on the outside and think that you know the facts and jump to conclusions, but there are far many more concerns to consider.

    • Blackhead Resident
      June 20, 2013 - 20:49

      The residents of Blackhead are hard working people. They do no depend on city water and city sewer as you do. They have invested their hard earned money in septic tanks and artesian wells. These so-called clowns police St. John’s, doctor your children, care for the elderly, and process your welfare check! You can ignorantly sit on the outside and think that you know the facts and jump to conclusions, but there are far many more concerns to consider.

    June 19, 2013 - 15:34

    Here we go again. Holding back progress and extra money for the city for their own personal feeling. I wonder how much these people pay in municipal taxes yearly? Family campgrounds are NOT noisy. There is always security on site. Get a life folks. Thumbs up for the campground.

    • Blackhead Resident
      June 20, 2013 - 21:51

      Why would you question if “these people” pay in municipal taxes yearly? Where in the world does a comment like that come from? Seriously? If you were to look outside the box, there are more concerns than just noise pollution. Get a clue!

  • No thanks
    June 19, 2013 - 15:33

    It looks pretty close to Blackhead. I wouldn't want it. It could work if it was back the road a bit closer to the city. Proper security should keep the noise down, unless the bikers move in.

  • Concerned
    June 19, 2013 - 15:04

    To place an Rv Park in Blackhead is simply the most rediculous thing i have ever heard. Who wants to listen to generators all day.... An RV Park wil ruin this community

  • wavy
    June 19, 2013 - 14:35

    No, by all means, don't invite people to come enjoy, explore and perhaps spend a little money in your community. Leave it to a Newfoundlander to complain about increased summer traffic to nearby historic sites. Talk about a defeatist attitude; most places can't fund enough projects like this to increase foot traffic to their communities. So much for the legendary friendly Newfondlanders and their open-door hospitality. I can't believe the negative, can't-do attitudes some people have in this province. Like crabs in a bucket.

  • Camper
    June 19, 2013 - 13:59

    "Campers like to party".... sounds like there's a bit of prejudice attitude there towards campers. Guess What???? NOT ALL campers are PARTIERS!!!!!! Most campers are families that are just looking to get away for the weekend after a long week at work. I take it that this lady isn't a camper herself, or else she's still a young girl who is out to party while camping with friends.

    • Blackhead Resident
      June 20, 2013 - 21:45

      Yes, there sure is a prejudice attitude towards campers because the majority of campers are indeed in party-mode… young and old! Sadly, you are part of the minority whether you want to believe it or not. You can be insulted by the comment, but to assume that the lady quoted is not a camper or that she is a young girl is very foolish on your behalf.