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  • Ben Turpin
    July 14, 2013 - 07:38

    Who cares about the environment or conservation of it. It is ours to subdue and do as we like with (that's in the Bible), and since Nain and the it's leaders are ok with it, the indigenous of Placentia Bay are also happy and employed, And if the diesel leaking in Notre Dame Bay can give us jobs then that's ok too. Just worry about jobs, that's what we need. Job job jobs and our grandchildren will have jobs on the clean up, wearing their little PPE. Vale is a world class company of the highest integrity and ethical judgement, has a global track-record of excellence and this is not a story, just a disparging report of a minor leak by a anti-social hypocritical press. For all we know, this just might have a positive effect on Edwards Cove and here we are scaring away other mine operators with this silliness. Why would we worry about the ocean, when we have mortgages to feed and youngsters to look after? How can we succeed when our local press is so anti-mining to focus on this non-issue?