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Recent comments

  • Huck
    July 14, 2013 - 17:29

    The people of Mainland should be taking a very close look at their next door neighbors because there is a very sick individual amongst them. This twisted sicko likely started off by pulling the wings off of flies, and now has progressed to torturing small animals. If this goes unpunished it will be a great confidence boost and the next step will likely be to hurt children. That should be enough incentive to get out there and figure out who is responsible.

  • nicksgirl
    July 14, 2013 - 15:29

    Amazing that people are so ignorant when it comes to animals. To think that one does not feel pain is beyond comprehension. What a bunch of low minded neanderthals! Each day brings more reports of animal abuse. The laws to protect these pure, trusting creatures are just a bunch of meaningless words. Even well educated people who you think would know better are keeping beagles in cages, denying them of human contact and any affection. "Can't do that 'cause it spoils them for huntin' rabbits" So while Fifi, the family poodle snuggles on a warm bed next to the fireplace, the poor beagle shivers outside in an unheated pen all by him/herself. Just disgusting. Breaks my heart. Don't say "never mind those stupid animals, give to Childrens Wish or some other related charity". Great causes no doubt but in one of the richest countries in the world, we shouldn't have to nickel and dime everyone to death to raise money to send a child away for surgery. Makes me sick and ashamed to live in a society that has no regard for life, human or animal.

  • Mauren
    July 13, 2013 - 12:01

    I have no more words left to say on this one, I am exhausted from it because I am a huge pet lover and people who do things like this make me so sick. They are the animals and a lot more going on too, I am not singling out any place on our island but since Trooper the cat days when I helped him and Gwen out who I might add is an awesome lady/ shelter worker/ pet angel but is given a lot of bs from that place Trooper was abused in . she would take money from her own pockets to help animals in need, my dream for her is that someone with lots of money to spare will drive out to Stephenville and tell her they are going to build her a huge shelter, free of charge, free of rent and then and only then maybe she can help all the animals still without any hassles from anyone. As for abuse so much going on, we need the RCMP AND RNC to really act on this with the new laws, wish now they would make the fines and jail times even stiffer than they are now.I truly believe that this sweet baby was abused only because she was pregnant, it has happened before and hopefully with new laws it wont happen again but some people are bad and some people are mean and cruel to innocent animals like this sweet furbaby. All they had to do was bring this pregnant cat to a shelter, is that very hard to do no it is not but with their sick minds or whatever it is they did this horrific nasty violent act upon an innocent animal and I hope they get caught for this and pay and pay dearly for it, a cruel act like this the person or persons should not get away with it, someone knows who owned this cat and therefore possibly knows who did it but also probably afraid to tell on them. If it is a cat the other day I hope it is not a child or anyone else some other time in the future, obviously anyone who could do such inflict harm and injuries like this on a cat let alone a pregnant cat is 2 scoops short of crazy and needs intervention, some kind of help now before a child is next , so sad but unfortunately there are many out there doing this on a regular basis to animals on our island and all across the world, even people promoting dog fighting in the world, sick sick sick is what I call it all. thank you .

  • Grandma
    July 13, 2013 - 10:08

    Words fail to describe the fiend who is responsible for the attack on this defenseless creature. It is true, humans are the most dangerous creatures on earth. I wonder if this poor animal was tied by her front paw to allow the beast to shoot her eyes out and then left to die horribly and painfully. Too bad the low life can't be branded so the world would know the depths of his/her depravity.

  • mundy
    July 13, 2013 - 09:46

    Just goes to show what "Dirt Bags" we have living among us. Not fit to live !!!