Music rocked but lack of water, overcrowding upset many

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Eagles, other acts rock 2013 Toyota Salmon Festival

Grand Falls-Windsor — Social media is abuzz again today about some bad experiences people had while attending the Salmon Festival in Grand Falls-Windsor on Saturday.

Among the complaints are the VIP section being overcrowded, a lack of water available in the hot weather, and long lineups for food.

Of course, there are many others on social media writing that they had a great experience at the festival.

The Telegram will have more details later today.


By Andrea Gunn/TC Media

The weather was hot, the field was packed and the bands were rocking at the 2013 Toyota Salmon Festival Saturday.

Continuing the trend of great festival day weather, temperatures soared to 30 C as the crowd poured into Centennial Park in Grand Falls-Windsor to take in the all-star lineup.

The day kicked off with the Matt Minglewood Band, followed by Canadian country-rock band Blue Rodeo.

JD and the Straight Shots then took the stage and warmed up the audience for country star Johnny Reid. Reid charmed the crowd with his stage presence and hit songs.

The Tragically Hip were up just before dusk, and the Canadian rock icons gave fans the show of a lifetime.

Frontman Gord Downie lived up to his reputation as a showman extraordinaire with his enthusiastic and eccentric performance, rocking the stage with a mix of old favourites and new jams.

By the time the headliners were ready to take over Centennial Park, the excited audience had packed the stage front for the main event.

The American rock legends, The Eagles, didn't disappoint the crowd, kicking off the set with their hit "Witchy Woman." The Eagles played many of their greatest hits including "Desperado," "Take It Easy" and "Tequila Sunrise."

The huge crowd made for a busy weekend on the roads around Grand Falls-Windsor, and police were out in full force to keep an eye on traffic.

Cpl. Chad Norman of the Grand Falls-Windsor detachment said he has never seen so much traffic in the area as he did this weekend.

He said the RCMP had its local members, central traffic services unit members, and others from Deer Lake, patrolling the area.

"Friday we did get a number of complaints between Gander and Grand Falls of erratic type driving," he said, adding police also arrested an impaired driver outside a bar.

Norman said some other arrests were made over the weekend, including at least one related to an assault. Overall, he said, police activity in the town was consistent with festival weekends in previous years.

Highway drug bust

Further west, near Birchy Lake, the RCMP stopped a vehicle for speeding on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The five men in the vehicle, who were on their way to the festival, were arrested for possession after the officer saw marijuana on one of the men's lap, according to the news release from the RCMP.

Police searched the vehicle and found approximately 24 grams of cocaine and 192 ecstasy pills.

All five men were from the Corner Brook area.

"Four males are now facing drug related offences including possession of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled substance, as well as criminal charges for breaching a probation order and breaching a recognizance," according to the news release.

The men will appear in court in Corner Brook Sept. 17.

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The weather was hot, the field was packed and the bands were rocking at the 2013 Toyota Salmon Festival Saturday.

Continuing the trend of great festival day weather, temperatures soared to nearly 30 degrees as the crowd poured into Centennial Park in Grand Falls-Windsor to take in the all-star lineup.

The day kicked off with the Matt Minglewood Band, followed by Canadian country rock band, Blue Rodeo.

JD and the Straight Shots then took the stage and warmed up the audience for country star Johnny Reid. Reid charmed the crowd with his stage presence and hit songs.

The Tragically Hip were up just before dusk, and the Canadian rock icons gave fans the show of a lifetime. Frontman Gord Downie lived up to his reputation as a showman extraordinaire with his enthusiastic and eccentric performance, rocking the stage with a mix of old favourites and new jams.

By the time the headliners were ready to take over Centennial Park, the excited audience had packed the stage front for the main event.

The American rock legends, The Eagles, didn’t disappoint the crowd, kicking off the set with their hit “Witchy Woman.” The Eagles played many of their greatest hits including “Desperado,” “Take It Easy” and “Tequila Sunrise.”

For more coverage and photos from the 2013 Toyota Salmon Festival, see future editions of the Advertiser and The Telegram.

Organizations: Tragically Hip

Geographic location: Centennial Park, Grand Falls-Windsor

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Recent comments

  • Out of towners
    July 24, 2013 - 21:03

    We drove a long way to get to the Festival and spent the extra money to be in the VIP section in order to get a bit more space and less crowd- we had just had an amazing experience in Cavendish ( got spoiled I guess). we found the music to be awesome at the Salmon Fest but VIP was the most unsafe area on the entire site. I stopped an RCMP officer to ask to enforce a passage way between the chairs and the washrooms, that didn't enforcement were present during the concert but at the end the bus situation and vehicles leaving was unsafe and until a kid beat out the window on a bus, no RCMP or security to be seen....we can load kindergarten kids on buses but can't provide controlled lineups for buses? Not to mention buses were boarding drunk people with no safety person on board to control those people during transport- I think the town of Grand Falls are lucky nobody died leaving the concert....last but no least of the things that amazed me was the campground, for two days law enforcement was stopping all cars in and out of the campground except for the morning after the many people left that campground after drinking all night into the early morning and drove Newfoundland's highways? The food was awful, very disappointing for Nl, not everyone wants to eat fries and frozen burgers, water and beer tent was a joke....the committee should go to Cavendish and other festivals for few pointers....we won't be going back + will be seeking our VIP money back.

  • shirley ryan
    July 17, 2013 - 17:29

    overall, people who did not have VIP were allowed in VIP section more than doubled the amount sold, were let through, I agree that all VIP'ers should be reimbursed, immediately, they never got no VIP treatment

  • Anna
    July 17, 2013 - 13:31

    Is this going to be NL's story for the rest of the summer? Imagine if you guys lived in Quebec or in Alberta and had to face a real diaster. Everyone got back safe and sound so get over it and show your displeasure next year by not going.

  • Foghorn Leghorn
    July 16, 2013 - 11:48

    You would think that after 24 years of Salmon Festivals that this concert should almost be able to run on auto pilot. Obviously someone needs to have a serious look at whoever is running the organizing committee of this thing. If they don't learn from their previous short comings this concert will eventually cease to exist which is a shame. A very similar thing happened to the Hangashore Festival in Corner Brook which eventually ran itself into the ground.

  • Shawna
    July 16, 2013 - 00:49

    Worst concert experience EVER!! The music was great, but that was the only good thing about the concert. Everything was WAY overpriced, Not enough vendors for the amount of people that attended, the line ups for food, and more importantly WATER, took way too long to get to, and running out of water on a 30 degree day is IRRESPONSIBLE!! Charging $4 per bottle of water is RIDICULOUS!! You can buy a case of 24 bottles for that price. If nothing else you should've been able to bring water in with you. And you should most definately be allowed to come and go as you please... we are paying enough money for the tickets to be allowed that much. People are starting to get wasy to GREEDY. Unless there are major chanes made this will definately be mine and my fiancee's last concert. GFW very very disappointing!

  • Edna
    July 15, 2013 - 22:10

    I think this years concert was a BIG rip of. I think greed set in and they overbooked. Surely 4.00 for a bottle of water, come on wake up, You weren't allowed to bring water in but there are several liquor bottles on over the ground, they certainly didn't fall from the sky. I hope people will remember this concert and when the next one comes DON"T GO.

  • Kim
    July 15, 2013 - 21:01

    I'm sure grand falls laughed there way to the bank,but hey ya only fool so many people once ,I did purchase VIP and did expect more just because we paid more that's normal,the bands were great ,the day was perfect,but sad when organization is none ,no walk ways,just trying to excuse yourself through angry people, to get to and from tents for tickets and port a potties ,spent that much time in line up acts were over,anyway my first and my last experience as a VIP ,geeze what was I thinking,actually thought it was going to be wicked ,it was wicked alright :((((( but like I said they laughed all the way to the bank ,,,,,,,,and that's all that mattered to them ,,money ,,and success ,to bad it wasn't satisfaction to ticket holders also

  • brian
    July 15, 2013 - 20:54

    i'm a beer drinker and smoke cigerattes only (NOT BRAGGING). @60 plus i like folk music and play and sing some johnny cash locally for $5.00 admission to VARIOUS HALLSl strictly FOR charity no fast talking p.r. and disk jockeys who directly or indirectly take 10% times have changed and greed is overwhelming. i saw a complete j. c. show in the sixties here in st. john's for $2.50 ; MET J.C. YEARS LATER AND HE HAD NO COMPLAINTS ON HIS MANY VISITS TO NL. .I wouldn' mind seeing the ''eagels"' on my terms ;pay them $20 and free H2O AT THIRTY FEET AWAY. I suspect the greedy are now busy organizing rebuttal comments on this alleged fiasco to smooth over,pass the buck,and hoodwink the poor people who paid too much for a so called good time.

  • desperado
    July 15, 2013 - 20:43

    it was a great show ,the bands were excellent and we had a great time.We didn't have v.i.p. because we wanted to be able to move around and mingle with the crowd and we really enjoyed this. W e didn't have any problem getting a place to put our chairs and no problem in moving around , all around us were having a rocking time. The washrooms outside the V.I.P. wasn't a issue for us every time we went there was always lots available. The only problem that we had was the ridiculous price they were charging for water and food ,and the line up to get them was unreal, im sure the could have had more booths at different parts off the field,this would have made it much easier to axcess. To all the people who brought VIP tickets ,it could have had 200 extra dollars to spend on what ever,and you could have rocked with the other 25 thousand who had a great time.......

  • common sense
    July 15, 2013 - 20:40

    Scrap the vip section,150.00 is enough to pay,, to be so far back isnt fair either.Ist come gets to the stage area, you might actually get people coming in earlier then spending more money. Have tickets next to the all beer tents,, have beer tents in middle as well, my god the poor people in the middle of that crowd had to walk through a jungle of people for a beer. Have passages to get through the crowd, with security to stop people from blocking it. Have signage over concession stands to let people know, your in the french fry line up when you needed a hotdog. Have more than 1 lineup for frenchfries,, for your so called vip's. And maybe for 2500...not ...2 bottles of ketchup wasnt enough,, I mean really if I have over 12 people for a bbq I have 2 bottles ketchup. People should be free to go as they please,, I could leave Disneyworld and come back!, Oh and why is 4 beer the limit,, and why a limit on buying tickets.. So thats my take on common sense!

  • Shelly Griffin
    July 15, 2013 - 18:15

    I had VIP tickets for the Salmon Festival. It was a very disappointing day. Selling over the number VIP tickets that they said were to be sold was unacceptable Something has to be done. No where to place your chair. You were stuck there because you were not able to leave because if you did you could not get back it. REALLY!!! All VIP ticket holders should be refunded. No water 30 plus temperatures. They should have been giving out free water to everyone when the weather was so hot.. GFW can't accommodate the crowds for the big bands. No tent for the crowds to get under to escape the sun. Very disappointed.

  • Tony R
    July 15, 2013 - 18:08

    I think the promoters and the Town of GFW did an amazing job bringing the Eagles to NL!, what an awesome show! The fact that water was $4 a bottle and people complaining, well obviously they haven't been to other concerts or even in an airport! Come on people!!!! I've been attending Salmonfest for many years and it keeps getting bigger and better! Congrats to GFW! See you next year :-)

  • Disappointed....
    July 15, 2013 - 17:04

    I also have to comment in the VIP, last year we went and it was lineups and there was lots of room to get around!! This year well that's a whole different story, we were so disappointed! There were to many people in the VIP section and ran out of water at 3pm, really? All I have been thinking is how the organization was out there to make that mighty dollar when we the people who paid over $200 to have a good time had an awful experience!! I for one will not be promoting VIP tickets for next year!!

  • Silver lining
    July 15, 2013 - 14:07

    Now is the perfect time for the City of Corner Brook to take the bull by the horns and bring back the Hangashore Festival. With Grand Falls appearing as if they no longer able to do justice to these large concerts, Corner Brook should act on the opportunity.

    • Debbie
      July 15, 2013 - 19:06

      I was glad I went to the show & in hindsight, happy that I wasnt there for the first perforance as initially planned. The heat made for a crazy day but crowd control was out of hand. IMHO greedy promoters trying to s q u e e z e every $ they could. We were told that it is actaully a NB promoter who also brought in their own staff from NB working the beer tents while GFW staff volunteered. Forget the chairs, allow people to bring their own water for goodness sake!

    • Francis Funari
      July 15, 2013 - 22:48

      The performers were great except the Hip sucked. VIP was over crowded. I am in a wheel chair and could not believe the poor securityand organization. I love Newfoundland and it's people but concert organizers need only go to magnetic hill to see how a VIP section should be set up and handicapped section as well. fire the promoter. get new security( not just kids with security on there T-shirts). Why can't people leave. and come back in? Ran out of water another joke People in Town told us VIP was a bad last year obveously you don't take the long term view and learn year to year. I won't be back next year

    • Jamie
      July 16, 2013 - 07:57

      Corner Brook? hahahahaha you cant be serious This town is doomed..I admire your enthusiasm but I feel the council we have down there is not worrying about anything besides the lining of their poket.

  • Darren
    July 15, 2013 - 13:08

    Firstly, I would like to say that this was the first time my gf and I had been to Newfoundland...and all I can say is that the many remarks and compliments about Newfoundlanders being the nicest people in Canada are grossly understates...they're the nicest on the planet!! I don't think I've ever been anywhere where the people were that friendly and helpful, and the scenery on the drive from Port aux Basques was incredible!! Now...the concert. I have been to a lot of outdoor shows in the Maritimes, and I can honestly say, line-up wise, Salmon Festival's was one of the better one's I have seen. All the acts played well, and having seen The Eagles before in Moncton I knew what to expect from them, and wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, the compliments stop there. I was a little perplexed at the VIP set-up, but I thought to each their own. I knew about midway through the Blue Rodeo set that there was waaaay more than 2500 people. The water shortage and line-ups for same was disgusting...especially considering how hot it was that day. I am a medical professional, and was amazed that more people weren't taken out of there due to heat related problems.There seemed to be some very poor planning and outright price gouging and greed. My gf and I made the mistake of staying at the "Camp Rock" that was advertised on the website. I can honestly say this was the most disgusting place I have ever camped overnight night at...let alone making the mistake of spending two nights. Security was non-existent, underage drinking was rampant, and I am still amazed we managed to sleep at all with the techno and gangsta rap that was blaring continuously for the entire weekend.24 hrs a day.We had family attend the festival in Cavendish last weekend, and it was lights out at 1am, with no exceptions. You got one warning and then you were kicked out of the camp site. It was definitely a huge negative to the whole weekend. I'll be very interested to see how they can top the line-up next year, and will very much look forward to returning to Nfld and its amazing people, but will definitely make sure of what i'm getting into before I return.

  • Beth
    July 15, 2013 - 12:38

    Just another fool who purchased VIP!!! tickets for Salmon Fest. Upon arrival it was clear there was a lack of organization. There was no staff present to direct people as to which line was VIP????? We bought these tickets under the assumption that we would actually be able to buy food, water, a drink and possibly even use the bathroom facilities when needed. Instead we were left thirsty, hungry and fighting our way through a crowd for 20 minutes while having weed blown in your face to use the bathroom. Thank God there was no emergency as there was no way out...

  • Newfiechaos
    July 15, 2013 - 12:14

    I think greed should be the name of the concert this time around .. shameful 4$ for a bottle of water on a 30 plus day .. whats more shameful is having to wait in line for over hr and half get a bottle and for sum turned away cus they ran out .. the vip section was ridiculous .. and very much over crowded .. from what i understand last yrs vip was better .. and cus it was a success then they tried making it bigger this yr .. mmm sorry to say bigger isnt better with somethings and this is one of them .. VIP section should be limited to smaller numbers .. just shows that someone was being greedy .. as for other complaints i have none about the bathrooms this yr they were cleaner .. and the three times i went to use them most ppl in front of me in line was probably 3 ... with the number of ppl there i say that was pretty good.. but seems to me e1 had their own experience with different things good or bad ... be interesting to see how next yr goes .. ohh as for the concert lol i loved it .. except a tad disappointed in the HIP lol but well it was the HIP ..

  • Melvin
    July 15, 2013 - 12:05

    Again we find Salmon Fest like any other event put off here on the rock ... a money grab at any expense. We too spend $500 on VIP tickets that were suppose to be 2500 for a little comfort. I feel bad for the VIP ticket holders who were 150 feet fronm the stage and who spent the same money as everybody else. I feel the organizers locked in on a money interesting if they sponsor next years event or was looking to score a fortune this year knowing it will be their last. Shame on the town of Grand Falls ... let the festival die or give it to a venue who will do it professionally. As for another year ... I will spend my money somewhere else. The only thing I felt good about Sat night was seeing Grand Falls in my rear view mirror.

    • DND
      July 16, 2013 - 11:38

      I bought vip tickets for my family of six and we left feeling ripped off and abused. The field , concessions and organization is intolerable! We inthis province must have a huge sucker sign on our collective foreheads to allow this rampant abuse to continue. I would encourage all to boycott salmonfest and the greedy organizers may take notice. Maybe some law firm out there will initiate a class action lawsuit.

  • Disappointed
    July 15, 2013 - 11:57

    The Eagles sounded great but that was the only positive comment I have. Unlike many other larger venue concerts which allow their patrons to come and go, they feel the need to keep tickets buyers captive in order to extort money from them. For this reason we chose to attend after 7 only. We saw the tragically hip -apt name-tragic! Heard from others that blue rodeo and Johnny Reid were good. We were not VIp and felt cheated for them and ourselves. They were like animals in there and the area was made so large to squeeze in so many that many were very far from the stage. As for the rest of us it seems that we were overcharged for an event we couldn't get remotely close to and forced to put up with the stench of pot being smoked openly next us from kids barely out of diapers! I get the beer tent area-it's for adults -whatever but the main area should be patrolled better. Many people attend as a family and spend plenty to do so but because of the crowding were unable to move. The safety and water issues were beyond comprehension. I have been to many events like this in the past in nl and outside but this was the worst experience ever. Too bad when for many it was a show they have anxiously awaited for decades!

    • Greedless
      July 16, 2013 - 19:17

      The Salmon festival started when the town forefathers created a family event that was designed for family. Now the greed factor rules the event with everbody, including our own town guardians going after a fast buck for themselves-- the same thing all gangsters go after. This is why they have been twenty-five plus years involved in managing shows that are growing bigger without the infrastructure in place for such events. The event should follow the written health, safety and design regulations for large events that have twenty to thirty thousand patrons. The profit money is skimmed off without proper accounting which has been the practice since the town controlled the event.

  • Kimberley Bailey
    July 15, 2013 - 11:17

    Our first Salmon Festival and our last. Purchased VIP tickets thinking we'd have a little room and better access to water, food and washrooms....big mistake. We were scammed big time. Must have been 5000 people in so called VIP. Only positive was the Eagles, Johnny Reid and Blue Rodeo. As for bringing in lawn chairs, are we supposed to stand in the heat for 8 hours. We OLDER DEMOGRAPHIC need to sit down once in a while!

  • Don
    July 15, 2013 - 11:05

    Frankly you go to a show, when you want drink or food, you should be able to walk up and buy it, maybe a five minute wait, that's all. You're not there to line up for extended periods of time, you go to see the show. This should be a great way for promoters to make money, but apparently they missed the memo. The town should not be passing the buck here and blame the promoters. This promoter started 3 years ago with KISS and there were major line ups and waits for drink and food. Haven't we learned? I think the festival is getting too big for the town. Kudos for them for trying to do what they do but to take on (organizationally) all these events over 5 days is too much to ask.

  • RT
    July 15, 2013 - 11:02

    Good time, despite lack of fundamental organization! I have to say the festival and weekend was, in my mind a success for the fans, despite the fact that there were a few fundamental errors made in the planning. They should be called the Fundraising Committee... not an Organizing Committee because it seemed that making money was way more important than making it organized and comfortable for the fans! CONGESTION was the word of the day. The committee got lucky that it wasn’t a fiasco! On the positive side, the Town and the venue were great overall; the staff at the event did a good job, security at the gates was fairly efficient considering the limitations of gate capacity and bag-check rules, the band line-up was good, the sound was good, everything went off by the clock – almost perfectly on time as published, the crowd were well behaved and in control, police did a great job keeping the roads safe, and the weather (although we all can’t take credit for it) was awesome. With respect to the music, I'm not sure what Gordie was on, but I could barely recognize what he was singing! I really like the Hip's music, but obviously they are a studio band. GD was like a maniac, screaming and prancing around! Also Don H's comment regarding people taking photos was uncalled for and disappointing - bit of a diva! It would have also been nice for the headliner act to interact with the crowd and acknowledge Newfoundland... it felt a bit like a canned performance. Except for a cleaned-up and totally awesome Joe Walsh, the the others could take a lesson from Blue Rodeo and Johnny Reid on how to entertain and interact with a crowd! I purchased my VIP tickets with the expectation that it would help me avoid line-ups and congestion because only 2500 would be sold, however, there were easily 9000 people crammed in that small area. I heard comments that an additional 6000 tickets were sold after the original sale. Definitely leaving us all with a sour taste in our mouths (and without water to wash it away LOL). Although the committee blames lawn chairs for the congestion, for the most part the crowd was very organized in this respect. It wasn’t the crowd or the chairs... it was the lack of organization on totally an oversight on the part of the Committee! At the front gate there was a lot of confusion and it was sometimes hard to tell which line was which, because the two merged together. Then to add insult, inside there was only one small gate to the VIP area, leading to more congestion. Having all washroom and concessions and concession ticket sales located in a small area beyond a huge bottleneck was terrible. As well, having the Pepsi vendor located near the beer garden and food entrance, only added to the congestion. For the most part, the concessions were stocked pretty well, with adequate staff to handle the crowd, and enough supplies to last the whole day. Water, being the exception; a few water vendors scattered throughout (not hard to fill a fish box with ice), and sell it reasonably. Honestly, $6 for a beer wasn’t out to lunch, but water and soft drinks at $4 was ridiculous! And running out of water? Really? According to the ladies, the port-a-potties were also disgusting and lacked tissue... apparently some were filled to the seats. Not nice! Overall the event was a very good time, however, there’s a lot of room for improvement! Hats off to the crowd, who remained patient, calm, and upbeat regardless of the flaws in planning. Kudos to the Town too... they managed a large influx of people very well. I was expecting a lot of congestion at Grand Falls/Winsor but was pleasantly surprised to find that even on the day of the concert, the Town was well prepared. As a VIP ticket holder, I expected a little better treatment, not because I am any better or different, but because I paid for it. A few minor suggestions that could have improved the event immensely... 1. Make the Organization Plan as important as Financial gain – Right size the VIP ticket sales to the area available, and keep the prices reasonable for concessions, 2. A few signs directing the outside line-ups, and improved gate access to the event, 3. Create a few laneways (roped off and patrolled) for crowd traffic flow inside the event, emergency access, etc... 4. Spread out the concessions and create better access – avoid the bottleneck. Put the non-alcoholic and food away from the beer garden, and have more access to water ( more locations), 5. More access to washrooms and have tissue and a vacuum truck available. All that being said... the inconvenience encountered was somewhat not surprising, and is by no way a justification for all you who didn't go to say; "that's why I didn't go"... I'd still do it again. C’mon guys, none of this would have costed a lot and had you just given these items a bit of thought, you would have been a great time, instead of just a good time. You got lucky that it was such a good day and that the crowd was patient and calm... it could have been a disaster! Give it more thought for the future please.

  • Angie
    July 15, 2013 - 10:53

    My family and I agree with the above comments about the organizing of this event and unfortunately we will not be attending again. I would rather buy a plane ticket and watch a concert in comfort then to be subjected to that experience again. Corner Brook used to have an event called the Hangashore years ago, it became terrible and dangerous, I see the Salmon Fest heading the same way. The Hangashore is no longer held. That's the future of the Salmon Festival. Remember organizers: Word of mount can be good or it can be bad when you plan this event for next year. Of course even a free ticket wouldn't bring me back to this event. Terrible Terrible experience. I am a Newfoundlander and I live in Newfoundland, to anyone who wants to experience a good concert try Sydney Nova Scotia, they put on free concerts in the summer on their beautiful waterfront boardwalk. The boat ride would be cheaper then what you paid to attend the Salmon Festival and you can bring your own water.

  • Kim
    July 15, 2013 - 10:17

    I am normally a faithful Salmon Fest Goer - but the uninspiring line-up meant I kept my hard earned money this year - and boy am I glad I did :) I have not heard one good word about his years show - most of the performances were said to be "not that great" and the various issues (ie. line-ups for food and drink) seem to get worse every year. The last 3 years this outdoor show has gotten worse - it starts with the fact folks are not allowed to move in and out of the facility like they always had been. There are many reasons a person may want to leave the garden (go get a proper meal, visit family, do some shopping, etc.) It seems inhumane that patrons cannot leave and return when they want to (maybe they don't like some of the acts and would like to do some shopping and drop some $$$ in town while waiting). Not allowing folks to bring fruit, veggies, water, granola bars, etc. - not everyone who goes to concerts wants to eat junk - and it's not necessarily a medical reason - it's a lifestyle choice. Then the prices - OUTRAGEOUS. The VIP Section - that's just greedy on the part of the organizers!!! I have to say Aerosmith put on a great show last year and it's awesome that huge bands like that are coming to our province. But while someone is overthinking how to make big bucks at Salmon Festival they are underthinking the logistics. I think the Town should go back to organizing the event like they always had done - the last great Salmon Festival was 2010 - Great Canadian Band - Three Days Grace.

    • Barney
      July 15, 2013 - 14:06

      to say that the show was not that great is a personal thing - I thought it was awesome - in the beer tent the whole day - no issues with bathrooms, beer tickets was a bit of a pain and as soon as I got on the field I bought water knowing full well what the day was going to bring - you have to be prepared if you are not then you are in for a bad time - it was the eagles you now full well it's gonna be packed.

    • Donna
      July 15, 2013 - 15:32

      REALLY ??!!!!!! VIP Tickets at an obviously unsecured free-for-all event that could have been a "good time was had by all" ??? And, instead turned into, by many accounts, a near-tragic event in the hot summer sun ??? Yep...each group/entertainer can stand alone on their own musical merit...too bad the "organizers" couldn't pull it off with common sense, sound logistical thinking and a professional execution of what could have been a memorable GFW / Newfoundland experience. Put this one in your ads for Newfoundland & Labrador; and see if the reality lives up to the hype. Some people (not everyone...) dropped the ball on this one.

  • Brenda Collins, Conception Bay South
    July 15, 2013 - 10:11

    GREED AT THE SALMON FESTIVAL I spent over a thousand dollars in the Grand Falls area this past weekend to support Your local economy. It won't happen next year and I hope other people will do the same thing and then maybe your town and organizers will get the message. I too will be going out of province to see performers like the Eagles. Grand Falls Windsor and the organizers showed no regard for people's heath and safety Saturday with the lack of water, overcrowding and disgusting food that cost way too much. The most frustrating thing is there seems to be no one accountable for the GREED and the concerns of the people at the concert on Saturday. Like I said my money will be spent elsewhere, which is really a shame. Hit you where it really hurts the most in the pocket book.

  • John Michael Fleming
    July 15, 2013 - 09:58

    @Suzie, you obviously have no clue about concert events. This would never happen anywhere else. It certainly didn't happen at Ottawa Bluesfest this past week.

  • disgusted concert goer
    July 15, 2013 - 09:56

    Salmonfest sucked . Music was great but faciiities sucked . Not enough hotels ,restauraunts , gas stations etc Too small an area for 25000 people and very unorganized. Will never go out there again . Time to look at St. John's our capital city for these big concerts. GFW not big enough to handle this amount of people .

  • John Michael Fleming
    July 15, 2013 - 09:55

    My elderly parents attended Salmon Festival and I am disgusted by the reports they brought back. There is absolutely ZERO excuse for the lack of drinking water at Salmon Festival. The number of people isn’t one. Ottawa Bluesfest just wrapped up a week-long event which saw comparable numbers, if not more people, each day as attended Salmon Festival. There was no shortage of water mainly because attendees were permitted to bring water in! In addition, attendees could leave and return at leisure throughout the day. What happened at Salmon Festival was ridiculous and borderline criminal. People were denied a basic necessity of life. Not surprisingly, I didn’t hear any reports of a beer shortage. Salmon Festival was a non-smoking event yet people were smoking freely in the crowd – on a 30 degree day. No security stopped it. There’s a disaster waiting to happen It boils down to three main reasons: 1. Laziness - Security was too lazy to screen bags for water vs alcohol. 2. Greed – At $4 a bottle, selling water was a complete money grab. 3. Complete, absolute, and utter lack of common sense on the part of the organizers part. Salmon Festival organizers should count their blessings that there weren’t medical emergencies as a result of this incompetence. Given the combination of circumstances, it is not unrealistic that someone could have died. If the people running this event aren’t capable of planning it properly, then get ones who can.

  • Liz
    July 15, 2013 - 09:48

    This was my first Salmon Fest...and my last. I never ever had the desire to attend, being of the older generation, and hearing so many horror stories from past just wasn't my "cup of tea". But, when I heard my favourite performer, Johnny Reid, was performing , and there were "VIP" tickets available...I thought, for 263.00, and that only 2500 tickets were to be sold, then, that sounded like a plan. Besides, I always loved the Eagles as well! My friend and I were among the first in the lineup( where we had to wait for 2 hours and not a drop of water available, but we could have had our face painted). Finally we were let through the gates at around 2 and scurried to the front of the stage where we opened our lawn chairs and took in our surroundings....just to our left were portable toilets, a concession stand ( 7.00 for a hot dog...a bit pricey but, oh well...we're not that hungry)...lots of water and other beverages...4.00 for a bottle of water but, we weren't allowed to bring in our own so we gotta have water rite? Pretty hot here but we love the heat so we can't complain about that, as long as there's water available......what??? No water?? They'll have some more in an hour or so! Still feeling pretty optimistic at this point. By the time Johnny Reid took the stage...we needed a bulldozer to get through to the toilets, food OR water...! Not to mention we were caged in like animals with severely intoxicated people breathing down our necks and blowing smoke in our faces enough to make us high ( by this time, the lawn chairs are history..what the heck...they were only 10 bucks at Walmart...slightly more than a hot dog..rite?) Despite all this, Johnny is on stage, performing our favourite songs with his usual debonair, charismatic and energetic flair. Loving it until this gentleman, who managed to wedge his way in front of us with this lady he was trying to impress ( I doubt it was his wife) and puts her on his shoulders...where's my ladder when I need it? Is it just my imagination or was Johnny's performance much shorter than the rest? Maybe 'Time Flies" when you're having fun! Needless to say..things went downhill from here. Buddy in the pin-striped suit came on next....while he seemed to have a lot of fans there, I can understand why I never knew any of his "songs" that what he was doing? Singing? By this time I was feeling panicky and thinking scary thoughts about what would happen if this place had to be evacuated for some reason....VERY SCARY thoughts indeed! It was then that I decided to "butt" my way outta there...left, right, excuse me I HAVE to get outta here...excuse me...left, right...excuse me......finally...AIR! I'd been outside all afternoon but this is the first time I could actually breathe! So...guess where I ened up? Back with the people who paid 118.00 for their tickets and were actually enjoying the concert! Even though I had to look at the big screen to see the Eagles I could actually enjoy their singing from back there. So...less the "harassment" for less than half the money I paid for my ticket. For some reason, it just doesn't add up! can have your salmon festivals from now on and you can have your VIP tickets as well...I hope they are appreciated more than they were this year!

  • Duffy
    July 15, 2013 - 09:48

    Go to these jam packed circuses where there is wall to wall drunks and they only do it once a year what do you expect. Like going to George Street at night and expect a safe and decent place..................

  • Heather
    July 15, 2013 - 09:36

    There is no way the Mayor of GFW did not know about the ticket sales.. I am sure he was smiling from ear to ear... What were all the service charges for? Can someone please tell me how many VIP tickets were sold.. Who is answering the questions or are they running scott free with all their greed money... For Shame!!!

  • Gayle
    July 15, 2013 - 09:29

    The concert was great, but the organization and the service needs a great improvement. The line up and wait to get it was outrageous, should be more entrances and gates. The concessions stands were the worse service and with the ridiculous prices you were charging should of been a lot better. Having one concession stands for 30,000 people to buy from is far from enough. There should be loads of places to buy food and drinks from, a two hour or more line up for a drink that is not alcohol(which you could get in a couple of minutes) is uncalled for. One place doesn't need to make all the money. I don't mind paying for something when you go somewhere but being ripped off I do mind because 7 dollars to get a slice of pizza, plate of fries or hamburger is way too much and 4 dollars for the water is definitely way too much. Taken advantage.

  • Barney
    July 15, 2013 - 09:22

    I WAS TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED THAT THE VIP SECTION TOOK UP THE WHOLE FRONT OF THE STAGE AREA AND COVERING OVER 1/2 OF THE INNER FIELD - RIDICULOUS. I WENT OUT OF THE BEER TENT TO GO UP FRONT AND PARTY WHILE WATCHING THE BANDS AND YOU COULDN'T GET NEAR IT!! SUCK IT UP VIP - YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR - THE WHOLE CONCERT FIELD!!! Totally uncalled for and I've never seen that before in my life with all the outdoor concerts I've been too all over Canada and the USA - the whole front of the field gone..............................not cool! The beer tent was awesome just the same - the only thing I will complain about was the water situation and that they don't have the lineups organized. The beer tickets should have indicated line ups and sectioned off so that people can not skip the line ups...........that was terrible. Why can't you buy these tickets online anyway? But kudos - I had a blast - the music was awesome and it was a pretty good experience overall - I hope they never do that again with VIP though - no concert should be done like that. One price and section off something for those that have to sit or have medical issues............

  • Suzie
    July 15, 2013 - 09:09

    Suck it up people. Of course with a line up such as that, there are going to be line ups, it's going to be over sold, it's going to suck. But with a town of that size and what they have to work with, amazing job. Grand Falls-Windsor you rock!

    • david
      July 15, 2013 - 10:09

      Yeah! Suck it up, people! And if a tragedy happened, like someone with a medical condition dying because of a lack of water and an inability to get them out of the overcrowded space in a reasonable amount of time because of complete incompetence and disorganization, well that's just rock and roll, isn't it?! Long live Freemont, baby! Yahoo, what a great time! Can't wait till next year!

    July 15, 2013 - 09:09

    Wishing I could be writing about the awesome experience we had at Salmonfest but that didn't happen. We didn't go to the festival until 6pm because we knew it would be hot and crowded. Unfortunately, that didn't prepare us for the absolute mayhem of the VIP section when we got there! Several things I have to mention regarding the poor planning and execution by the town of Grand Falls-Windsor /Salmonfest organizers: 1. We entered the gate to be given an envelope with a VIP tag and after walking on thousands of discarded envelopes we lined up at the VIP entrance where we were then given an armband.I overheard several people saying they hadn't gotten the tag and only had ticket stubs. I suggest that several people got into VIP without having purchased tickets by using tags while their friends used their ticket stubs. So ridiculous. Give us an armband at the gate and take our tickets there. 2. I heard several people talking about the lack of water in the midday heat. Not a shortage, there was NO WATER TO BE HAD. Also, what water they had earlier was $4 for a small bottle. That is absolutely scandalous. We didn't try to buy water as we were late arriving but we did have to be "herded" through a bottleneck to a fenced compound area where you had to buy tickets then line up to buy drinks and food. People in the line for food told us they had been there for an hour, so we decided to pass on that. It appeared that the toilet situation was a little better than last year but we didn't have to go there because after one drink we decided not to brave the throngs to buy another. 3. The VIP section was advertised as being for 2500 people. That would have been tight in the small area allotted. It appears however that the organizers got greedy and sold way more than 2500 tickets! 6000 people was the count we were told. I heard that people were jumping the fence into VIP and that several got in by using other people's tags or ticket stubs as mentioned above. However it happened, the area was overcrowded to the point of being totally unsafe. With people smoking everywhere, cigarettes and pot, the organizers are lucky there wasn't a fire. The ground was full of litter and it would have gone up in a hurry. I fear to think about the tragedy that would have ensued had an emergency come up. 4. The organizers wouldn't allow you to bring in a bottle of water but you could bring in a chair which further added to the crowding. Chairs were abandoned everywhere once the main acts took the stage and people were falling or being pushed over chairs trying to exit the concert. Add to that the mounds and mounds of litter everywhere and it was a treacherous walk out in the dark. The town of Grand Falls Windsor, the organizing committee and in fact our province must be held accountable for the totally unacceptable conditions at this concert. I had family there who came from Nova Scotia for this and it was absolutely embarrassing. Particularly since we had all just spent the last weekend at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival which saw bigger crowds in a smaller town with far better conditions at the concert. I recommend that if Salmonfest is to continue and if the province is going to support and promote it, that they take a serious look at the organization of the concert and do a complete overhaul of the event. The first priority should be someone from the provinces' Fire and Emergency Services should cap the number of people permitted at the event , particularly in the VIP section. Also, they should take a look at the basic layout of the location and ensure that the town addresses the evacuation areas of the concert in the event that there should be an emergency. Also, concert security should be increased, maybe as much as tenfold to control the crowds. These measures likely won't affect us personally as we have all decided as a group to avoid this concert in the future. I'll pay my money and go to Moncton or PEI or Montreal to see a concert in a safe and well organized venue!

    • Barney
      July 15, 2013 - 14:11

      I don't think there is any way of arranging it any better out there - they have tried just about every way possible for set ups - the thing is the field is just too small. The only way around this whole issue is to sell less tickets.

  • Forward Thinking
    July 15, 2013 - 09:00

    Around 6pm I bbq'ed some nice prime rib steaks with all the trimmings and a nice bottle of red. I took the lawn chair, bottled water and my dog for a walk around 8pm. Planked my chair down well outside the concert area. Good view of screens and unobstructed sound (better than most poor souls inside). Smoked some mother nature and enjoyed the concert - gratis.

    • Dave
      July 15, 2013 - 17:52

      Forward thinking got it right. I was in the middle of the VIP. Complete and utter rip-off on a number of issues. The people in charge had no clue about security and public safety. Nuff said.

  • Security??Really??
    July 15, 2013 - 08:41

    The eagles were amazing, the weather was sick,,,, Salmonfest is the kind of thing where you can never please everyone and with the change in weather, and setup it's a hit or miss kinda deal.But my complaint is the security at the event.,..... if they can even be called that... seems to me like a bunch of peeps who managed to swing a free ride to a deadly show.There was a crowd in yellow shirts, "staff" i believe they are referred to as.... in all my years of working, staff means employee... employee means WORKER folks!!! There was a young bubbly blonde there.... clearly niche and clueless because everytime we needed direction, we got a shrug of the shoulders, and "i dont know" or "thats not our job" ... and god forbid we interrupt her posing for pics every 10 mins when she ran into friends and acquaintances. I kept hoping that they would rotate so that someone else would be posted near us as she was clearly useless.... what is the criteria for security work anyways? Excessive makeup and rolled up sleeves????????? not impressed. As a young man, my husband worked security on a casual basis. code of conduct and professional behaviour were mandatory!!! What changed? I hope through the use of social media, the boss reads this and re evaluates his strategic planning in the future.

  • david
    July 15, 2013 - 08:31

    There are much better-run events, by much more competent organizers, that sometimes end in tragedy despite excellent planning and contingency plans. That's just life. But these comments sound like the GFW organizers simply dodged a bunch of bullets, will simply consider this a monumental financial success, and will roll the dice again next year...until something eventually does happen, and the recrimination begins. And too late, as is our way here.

  • Mabel Dawe
    July 15, 2013 - 08:22

    As we arrived, we knew that there was no way of getting to and from the washrooms and concessions. We hung out at the bridge and was told by security that we could not stay. An hour later, the bridge was packed. There was no "Chair Section" , they were blocking everything. We finally crawled over chairs to find an empty spot, the small water concession there ran out of water. To use the washroom, we crawled over chairs and everyone again, we have bruises to prove it. Want my money back and would love to be on the organizing committee as well as the education committee to make sure security actually knows what to do.

  • Michelle
    July 15, 2013 - 08:03

    Salmon festival was a disaster. I was there with my sister, Mom , Dad, Fiance. My mom is a diabetic and they quickly ran out of water and also diet soft drinks. All was there for her to drink is regular pop and beer. This is not good enough. We had VIP tickets and we couldn't move. If anyone was injured there was no way they could get help. Security were nowhere to be seen. The line ups were crazy. Isn't the point of VIP tickets no line ups and more room? It was a rip off. There is no way we will be going next year. Water is a necesity of life and we wern't allowed to bring any in. They couldn't even provide water to everyone who needed it. Someone needs to answer to this and be responsible for it. They didn't run out of beer did they? I'm sorry but water needs to come before beer. At one point I was waiting in line up for food and there was a man freaking out at someone working there in the food line up. She actually yelled at him and said "if you think this is rediculious then send someone to help us because this is crazy." Goes to show even workers and volunteers coudn't handle it. The music was great but the for money we paid was NOT worth it. Organizers did a total money grab on this one because this concert was pretty much robbery.

  • Tammy
    July 15, 2013 - 07:54

    The bands sounded fabulous. However, I couldn't be more disappointed in the VIP section. We paid over $500 for 2 VIP tickets, under the assumption there would only be 2500 as advertised. There had to be close to 10,000 people jammed into that section. Event staff at the VIP entrance weren't even checking tickets. It was advertised that the VIP section was 19+, I saw pre-teens and babies there, yes, BABIES. Ridiculous. We should have been allowed to bring in our own water, running out was irresponsible and dangerous. By 6pm you couldn't even cross the VIP section to get to the washrooms or water stations because of the ridiculous amount of people jammed into that space, there was no path you could have taken that didn't involve crawling over people. If I knew who is responsible in the end, I would demand my money back. This ruined my concert experience, very poor handling of the situation to say the least.

  • Roxy
    July 15, 2013 - 07:42

    GFW and the promoters should be ashamed of themselves for selling bottled water to vulnerable people at $4 each!!! One man paid $100 for 24 bottles of water and you can get that same water at Sobeys for $3.49 a case!! It's shameful and a money making racket!!! Shame of you GFW for letting this happen!!!

  • Mark
    July 15, 2013 - 07:29

    The only mention of lack of water and over crowding was in the headline??

  • Ed Kelly
    July 15, 2013 - 07:06

    I was also a VIP ticket holder and along with the other complaints I agree with them all.I paid extra to have a comfortable afternoon but that did not happen. There must have been at least 6 or 7 thousand in VIP section. other than that the concert was great and a perfect line up.

  • larry
    July 15, 2013 - 06:40

    Both the town and promoters need to get there act together. we had to wait almost 2 hours in a line up for a bottle of water-- that was not there. At the beer tent was another long line up, if money was there main objective-- well they lost a lot - i never brought not one beer due to the madness and i was not alone in that. this was the first time i went to the grand falls show and based on how i was treated it was the last-- you could not bring any thing in-- you could not leave( they would not let you back in) and then they dropped the ball of not being organize enough to have the layout done to allow enough locations to sell water- some people could not see some of the show due to line ups winding through the crowds. the funny thing was that they had enough spots to charge your mobile device-- so it would not die but if you were dying for a drink of water-- that was alright -- OHS should get in on this and regulate what should be at these shows and how things should be laid out. While i am on a roll the other thing that hit me was the was the town/promoters just dropped things on he ground: as you entered -they tore part of your ticket off and just dropped it on the ground --what a mess there was no need of this

  • Maureen
    July 15, 2013 - 06:13

    I agree with everything you have said here John, I feel bad for you that you paid a lot extra money to get those vip only to ripped off like you said you were. I also can not believe that on the news they were so much worried about having enough beer for the concert, rather than making sure with such heat and humidity that people had enough water, nope they said they had a shortage of water----- I will translate that to English lol=== THEY RAN OUT OF WATER. for the crowds of people at that huge concert. In many place in the us they give out a bottle of water to every one at the beginning of the concert and at some casinos when you go in because my relatives received water when they went there one time. I have never been to either and I think it is ridiculous and they should be ashamed that they ran out of water, they will probably say oh more people drank water than we thought would, bs, no excuse like that is good enough, they should have had enough water and if they did not have enough places to store it and keep it cool in ice or whatever then I am sure they could have figured out something, they had enough time to figure it out in between concerts and they were more worried about having enough beer and worrying about making lots of money in one weekend for the city of GFW.Well that's mainly because beer cost more money to buy even though they always charge everywhere way to much for bottled water, except for places like Shoppers Drug Mart etc.

  • original townie
    July 15, 2013 - 05:32

    @ John.....all the reasons I did not go.

  • Terry Kane
    July 15, 2013 - 05:25

    First and only Salmon Festival for me. Thinking naively, that VIP meant something, maybe easy access to Food Courts and Port-a-potties...WRONG. Way over sold. Used port-a-potties ONCE, unable to get to or return from them all night. And dare I suggest, that crowd control was useless, only control...the route to/from on the bridge to FOOD COURT.....with security directing traffic. Last but certainly not least, unable to being water into concert (which they ran out of) but there was certainly SMELL OF MARIJUANA, through out the night. LAST TIME FOR ME

    • Catherine
      July 15, 2013 - 12:01

      I had the exact same experience last year and vowed never to return. While I would have loved to hear some of this year's line-up live there is no way I would ever go to another Salmon Festival. Long lines for port-a-potties, and food. If you managed to get to the food and water you were ripped off big time. The number of people too drunk or stoned to even stand on their own was astounding. Is that the only reason some people go? Newsflash - you can get drunk and/or high at home without the extra cost of a ticket.

  • Cabin party girls
    July 15, 2013 - 03:44

    The weather was amazing, the performers were outstanding however, the VIP Tickets sucked! They were a total waste of money! Ideally it would be nice if we all could be refunded the difference of a general admission ticket and a VIP ticket! We had to go outside to the general admission area to purchase food and to use the bathroom because we couldn't get to the other side of the VIP area. Not to mention we had to line up for 1 1/2 hours to get a drink! Utterly ridiculous!! The extra money my 3 friends and I spend for those VIP tickets was scandalous!! I just have one question... "Define VIP"? We were under the impression there were 2500 VIP Tickets available for this concert. We paid the extra money to have the extra comfort in not having to line up for drinks, food and the bathrooms. What a joke that was!! It's amazing people didn't get trampled on in certain areas of VIP. We were packed in like sardines. What a difference in VIP last year and VIP this year; not even comparable! Yes i have to admit we were frustrated, disgusted, hot & thirsty! I would imagine there are some pretty peeved off people who will never attend another Salmon Festival after this experience. Two of the four people who went with us was their first ever Salmon Festival and unfortunately it may very well be their last, which is so sad. And we were so pumped and excited to have the VIP Tickets thinking we were going to be so privileged to avoid the lineups etc. It was such a disappointment... unbelievable how unorganized this event was. It's pretty sad when the people were ranting in the VIP Section.... "VIP SUCKS"!!! That says it all!! The promoters got greedy and put the concert goers last!!! According to our experience and what the patrons were saying, this won't be the last complaint you'll hear. Very poor planning in our view and someone needs to make a stand and take the responsibility and apologize for their very poor planning on their part. Hopefully they'll learn from this for the next time.

  • G Smith
    July 15, 2013 - 00:59

    -No Water!!! -When there was water it was $4.00 per small bottle!!! -Given the forecast temperature for the day they would not allow people to bring in their own water!!!! -Advertised 2500 VIP (Very INSIGNIFICANT People) tickets and ended up with 6000+ in same area!!!! -No security inside VIP area!!!!! Cops walked around with their blindfolds on and the concert security was nowhere to be found on the field. When I asked one of the security persons at the front of the stage about the smoking policy on the field he "didn't know". He then checked with one of the other "security people" and he didn't know either! Poor training!!!!! They did know how to disappear though. Guess no training necessary for that! -Cops and Fire Dept looked the other way at the overcrowding and no security (crowd) control!!!! Evacuating the VIP section in a timely manor would have been impossible! Evacuating people through the 2 entrance/exit gates would have led to many injuries due to gate sections obstructing the flow of people to the exits. There were many of these gate sections still obstructing the exit at the end of the concert. -They finally started spraying the crowd with water late in the afternoon but in my area it was after the sun had gone behind the stage so was unnecessary and uncomfortable!!!! -Besides selling extra VIP tickets after the concert started the organizers did nothing to stop people from jumping the fence which aided in the overcrowding!!!! -Although coolers and beer were the same price there were different tickets, another money grab that led to congestion at the ticket booth! -One entrance and exit from the VIP area which may have been alright if there were only the advertised number of people in there, but after they let so many extra in was highly inadequate!!!! - Fights and near fights in the VIP area due to the congestion and only spectators to cool things off! - I can't comment on the food prices/quality because due to the crowd I couldn't get to the food tent from where I was anyway. Last time I went for a couple of bottles of pop and a beer was about 5:00 PM. That was an experience, so by the time I found my back to my wife I wouldn't chance it again. I was ashamed and sick of apologizing for stepping on people. -There were disabled persons on crutches and in wheelchairs in the VIP section and my heart goes out to these courageous people!!!!! - Washrooms, beer tent, food tent, ticket booths all in one area which meant that everyone on the field had to go to the same area for everything. This is the height of stupidity!!!!! Then they flowed all this through one small entrance ramp. Everyone going to this area had to go to a space on one side of the field that was about 4 meters wide. Therefore the complete flow of the concert goers between performers was through this bottleneck!!!!!!!!!!! -I could go on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor organization and greed spoiled a great concert. It could have worked wonders for Grand Fall Windsor but the opposite happened. Instead of people that had never been to Salmon Fest before saying that "Wow, I'll be back next year" Now people that have been there before are saying. "Never again!" Last Time for me at Salmon Fest!! I'm too used to going the other side of the gulf to Moncton where they can organize a concert!!!!!!! See you next year in Moncton! Too bad because I love to support my home province!!!! Why can't we get things right and showcase our province instead of making a show of it????? I am told that there were similar problems at Salmon Fest last year so obviously this is not going to change! If I had been a KISS fan I would have learned my lesson last year and not gone this year! Better late than never!! If there was any possibility of getting my and my 8 friends VIP ticket money back we would definitely go for it!

  • Corporate Psycho
    July 14, 2013 - 23:55

    This had the makings of a disaster. People were put at risk. Greed got the better of the promoters. Pretty embarrassing for GFW.

  • Jill
    July 14, 2013 - 22:30

    Concert was great , but we also felt ripped off. Looking forward to our VIP tickets but there was nothing VIP about them. The worst place to be on the field was in the VIP section. We could only stick it out for about an hour . We watched and enjoyed the concert outside of the VIP section like a lot of other yellow arm bands that we saw. Never again would I ever blow Money on a VIP ticket . Talk about False Advertising.

  • Dave Gulliford
    July 14, 2013 - 22:26

    The music was superb. Disappointed with the layout of the field this year. Eagles were great except for the only comment Don Henley made saying if people don't stop filming or videoing they will stop playing. What an idiot! He didn't mind it a few years back when he wanted to get back together and needed the publicity. Maybe he should get an I phone because everyone has a video camera nowadays. I will not support the Eagles anymore. Just listen to their music

  • don
    July 14, 2013 - 21:50's a quarter, call someone who cares. Leave your sorry ass home next year, you will not be missed.

    • david
      July 15, 2013 - 08:23

      Ah, the Newfoundland thin-skinned, irrational, defensive bully. No wonder this place is such an advanced society.

    • John Michael Fleming
      July 15, 2013 - 10:07

      @Don you are clueless. Were you on the organizing commitee?

    • John Michael Fleming
      July 15, 2013 - 10:17

      @Don you are clueless. Were you on the organizing commitee?

    • Dave
      July 15, 2013 - 18:03

      Don, Don, Don, If the concert had to depend on people with that attitude you have the biggest show you would see would be local bands. The only way to draw big acts is by bringing in people. Organize it properly, give the vast majority the value they deserve, and you have a great concert every year. Do it like you suggest and it dies. Dave

  • John Sampson
    July 14, 2013 - 21:39

    The vip was a joke, I saw more security letting people through that they knew or were friends off friends, you need security on gates with security from out of town, dogs should be there for dope and vip should have a section off to the side not the whole stage, better yet why don't you call the organizers off The Cavendish Beach festival in PEI and see how it is done and apply that to next years concert, you won't be getting my money next year.

  • Common sense
    July 14, 2013 - 21:20

    The event should have been shut down when they ran out of water. Especially in light of the fact that attendees were not allowed to bring a life essential like water into the event on such a hot day!

  • Cheryl M
    July 14, 2013 - 20:09

    the evening telegram would know how to report on a story if it hit them in the face! make no wonder I stop subscribing to this rag! Tragically Hip doesn't't deserve front page a obviously highly under the influence, screeching, screaming manic whom should not have been givien top billing next to the Eagles. In my opinion, like many other the line upg should have out them on first to get the misery over early. Johnny Reid and Blue Rodeo deserved more, at least they could entertain the crowd with their talent. the biggest story at the Samon Fesrtival shoulda have been on the lack of planning and gouging concert goes on supposedly VIP tickets let along the fact they we're no where prepared for the crowd and temperatures. in fact it is reported that over 6000 were in the VIP area that was promoted as an area for 2500. maybe the next time the evening telegram might actually talk to some concert goes.

  • G Smith
    July 14, 2013 - 19:14

    We were in the VIP section for this concert and paid the extra cash to have a little extra comfort as promised by the Salmnfest committee. VIP - What a farce and waste of money!! We were like cattle being led to the slaughter. VIP was supposed to be limited sales to give us a special food/beverage area and washrooms. That went out the window when they virtually opened the floodgates and let thousands extra into the area. All inside an area that was supposedly set up for a much smaller number of VIP tickets. It was virtually impossible to move, even to go for food, washrooms or beer and water (when they had water). They ran out of water even at $4.00 per small bottle after refusing to let people bring in their own. Security inside the VIP area via the Salmonfest employees was also a farce. Other than keeping people from going through the incorrect ramp to/from the food/beer/washroom area they were invisible inside the VIP area. Inside it was back to survival of the fittest (or biggest)! We'll never attend again! We were a party of 9 and we all say that so there is a substantial loss for subsequent shows. We heard they did similar last year and didn't learn a lesson then so probably won't this time either. I wonder if the Eagles, Hip, Blue Rodeo and Johnny Reid noticed the distress of the audience? I wonder if they will associate themselves with this fiasco again? Hopefully they will have a concert in Moncton again next year so we can fly up and attend a professionally run event. It is well worth the extra cost to attend Moncton concerts due to the professional way in which they are run.

  • John Collins
    July 14, 2013 - 18:35

    My friend and i felt ripped off as there were only 2500 supposed to be sold for vip tickets however that section i suggest had anywhere from 5000 to 7000 people cramed into that area. Security was not visible only for the performers. There was no passage way for people to move around and when people had medical issues that was problem. Search and rescue had to step in. This was our 1st and last festival and this feeling was heard by a number of people. The promoters don't care nor does the town care about the patrons only the almighty dollar.

  • Marg Lannon
    July 14, 2013 - 16:32

    The Salmon Festival was indeed a great success. I agree with everything you say. The weather was fantastic, the bands performed fantasticly & the field was blocked. However,when we purchased our VIP tickets we were told that there was only 2500 such tickets available. We paid much extra for such, for this reason. I would like to know juat EXACTLY how many of these tickets were actually sold. Everyone around us complained about the extreme crowd in this section & everyone ventured to guess that it must have ranged from 6-10 thousand. As far as I am concerned, I think they used false advertizing. The food & water,which we had no choice but to purchase, was "WAY" overpriced.The fact that beer & coolers were $6.00 each was fine by me because if people didn't like the price they didn't "HAVE" to purchase them. Added to this the fact that they ran out of water just 1 & 1/2 hour after the gates opened was rediculas.I know they had more brought in but considering the crowd they were expecting & the weather that had been forecast all week, this shoud not have happened at all. A friend ,upon realizing they were out of bottled water, took her water bottle to one of the tents & asked to have it filled, only to be told :"They were not allowed to do it" . Another thing that was happening all day was people smoking all around us. On their web sight they said that smoking was only permitted in certain areas, however, not once did I see anyone from security or otherwise, address this problem. I have only touched on some of the complaints, that I am sure will be brought forth in the next few days. I hope that the festival committee takes a long hard look at this years festival & does their best to rectify these problems. I would hate to see such a successful event be marred by the mistakes that took place this year. Thank you & I do hope that the committee can see these comments & complaints as a way to improve on future festivals.

  • Blanche Keeping
    July 14, 2013 - 15:06

    No water to be had, $4 bottle what kind of People is running this event? Music was excellent, event was the worst I was ever to. How stunned can you be knowing it was 30 off degrees? People is going to be thirsty.

  • ema
    July 14, 2013 - 15:00

    Purchased VIP tickets for the Eagles with the understanding that we would have a little more space and service. Would estimate more than 6000 in VIP are with everyone squished in like sardines! Long lineups for food, drinks and bathrooms! Even ran out of water! Who can believe on a hot day expecting 30,000 people that you would run out of water. The lineup for entertainers was excellent with The Eagles certainly wowing the crowds. First & last time though attending The Salmon Festival.

  • Blaine
    July 14, 2013 - 14:48

    Couldn't get a drop of water nowhere. Worst planned concert I was ever to. Never again

  • Uncle Albert
    July 14, 2013 - 14:45

    Eagles - awesome. Gord Downie - wasted. 12 windows to buy beer tickets - great 6 windows opened - pointless. Hour lineup to get water - motley. Running out of water - scandalous. No water in the VIP section - great planning. No apology from the town - Priceless. Why is it after all these years you can't get it right? Knowing it would be 30 degrees concert goers should have been allowed to bring water in, or been given a bottle on entry. Why not? Tickets were approx $150. You saying its not worth a bottle of water? The fact that they were $4 and it was tough to get them is terrible. Offering VIP tickets and not offering VIP service is horrible. A lot of angry people looking for refunds on the grounds yesterday. Grand Falls you dropped the ball again.

  • derek
    July 14, 2013 - 12:41

    Congrats Grand Falls-Windsor on another great show. I am always amazed at how a town your size can pull off such an event. The rest of the province can learn a lot from you. Can wait to go again next year.

  • Jordan
    July 14, 2013 - 10:07

    With the weather as hot as it was there should have been easier way top get water. Someone and probably some did suffer from dehydration.

  • ironman
    July 14, 2013 - 06:09

    since no one under the gae of 82 attended, i assume that the sales of Depends in the local area increased dramatically this weekend.

  • Heather
    July 14, 2013 - 04:06

    Will there be any information posted about the massive over-sale of VIP tickets? The fact that they had no water most of the day in 30* heat? No where to stand much less sit? Far to few washrooms for the amount people? It was a terrible experience! This is one group that will never be back. Greed!

    • Kimberley
      July 15, 2013 - 17:44

      I agree totally. Those who paid extra money for VIP tickets should be reimbursed the extra money. It was falsely advertised. Very disappointed.