Hospital to return to normal operations Wednesday

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Eastern Health says that despite the damage caused by a car crash, the Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital will return to normal operations Wednesday morning.

As a result of today’s motor vehicle crash into the exterior wall of the facility, elective surgery services and outpatient clinics at Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital will remain cancelled for today only.

The Emergency Department and emergency surgeries, including emergency obstetrical surgeries, will continue to be provided. Laboratory and X-ray services also remain available to the public.

A news release notes the hospital is considered safe, posing no danger to the public as a result of the accident. However, cleanup will continue over the next few days in efforts to return the impacted areas of the facility to normal.

Eastern Health advises that all services, clinics, surgeries and appointments at the facility will go ahead as previously scheduled effective Aug. 14,  unless otherwise notified.

Visitation restrictions will remain in place for this evening only, returning to normal  Wednesday. Should family members need information about a patient, contact (709) 466-3411 and the operator will direct your call.


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The woman who drove her car into the front of the Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville was able to walk away from the accident uninjured, police have confirmed.

In a statement issued at about 2:30 p.m., RCMP say the driver is 66 years old and from Lethbridge, Newfoundland.

“Police officers on scene reported upon their arrival, ambulance attendants and hospital staff were examining the driver who was uninjured and conscious,” the police statement reads.

The Clarenville RCMP responded to the crash after receiving a call at about 10 a.m. this morning.

An investigation into the accident is continuing.


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Eastern Health advises the public that effective immediately, elective surgeries and all outpatient medical appointments at the Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville are cancelled until further notice.

At approximately 10 a.m. today, a motor vehicle crashed into the exterior wall of the hospital and caused significant damage to the physician lounge.

There were no injuries to patients, visitors or staff, but the person involved in the accident suffered minor injuries.

There is also some smoke and gas fumes on the main floor of the facility.

A news release notes that, in the interest of patient, visitor and staff safety, the outpatient clinic/day surgery/chemotherapy area at Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital was evacuated.

As a result of the accident, surgery services at Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital have been limited to emergency surgeries only, including emergency obstetrical surgeries, and elective surgeries have been cancelled.

Eastern Health is in the process of notifying affected surgery patients.

Outpatient clinic appointments, including chemotherapy and ambulatory clinics are cancelled until further notice and patients are being notified.

Patients will be contacted directly by hospital staff to reschedule appointments or be directed to the nearest health care facility where the service is offered.

“We are closely monitoring and assessing the situation at the Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital,” said Pat Coish-Snow, Vice President responsible for acute care services at Eastern Health.

“Should select services continue to be cancelled as a result of this incident, we will immediately notify impacted patients who will require their elective procedures to be rescheduled.”


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A car drove through an office near the main entrance of Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville this morning causing extensive damage and an evacuation of the hospital.

Witnesses say a female driver sped from the entrance to the hospital parking lot on Manitoba Drive, up over the curb, up an embankment and through a glass window.

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Boyd Snook was at the hospital registering for an appointment and was exiting the building when the crash took place.

“It wasn’t stopping,” he says. “It just went straight through, hit the curb, and when it hit the curb, it lifted and went through the window. It came from the road and went straight on through.”

Snook and another man went in through the broken window to help the women out of the black Toyota Yaris, and Snook cut the top of his head on broken glass. He says hospital staff were in the room when he got in and they were told to move away by security.

Ivan Paul had arrived just after the car entered the hospital and was walking up to the front entrance when staff came rushing out.

“(We) were walking up the steps, and going through the cross walk, and everyone was coming back out shouting, ‘You have to get out, a lady went through the window.’ Then I glanced over and saw it.”

Paul says he was amazed the women missed the brick wall and trees on either side of the window.

“It’s amazing how she went through it. The trees are there. A matter of six inches and she would have hit the concrete,” he says.

Two witnesses reported smelling fumes after the crash, and firefighters doused the car with foam as it was loaded onto a flatbed. 

Eleanor Kutasy was visiting a relative in the hospital when a Code Blue came through the PA system, then it quickly became Code Red.

“Code Red came across, and everyone had got into action and said everyone had to leave. Patients had to be back in their room and locked down. They escorted us out through the main (entrance),” she says.

“Fire trucks were already starting to come in. Everything was panicky. You could smell the smoke and the fumes in the air.”

Stephen Bonnell works in the IT department at the hospital. He says he and his coworkers heard a rattle, and shortly after the fire alarm went off and a Code Blue.

“We were kind of confused by that, a fire alarm then a Code Blue,” he says. “Then it was announced at a very fast pace, Code Red. It didn’t take long for the smoke to drift through the hospital.”

Bonnell says it was lucky no one was in the office at the time.

“Obviously the first thing you think of was anyone injured or killed,” he says. “Then we found they had removed the lady from the car.”

The car has since been removed from the hospital and the damaged area is being cordoned off. The condition of the driver is still unconfirmed.


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A car crashed into the G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville earlier this morning, the RCMP say.

Reports indicate a lone female was in the vehicle and is being treated for injuries.

The RCMP and local fire crews are on the scene. Emergency crews are preparing to remove the car from the interior of the hospital, which apparently entered in the area of a surgeon's office.

More details to follow.

Organizations: RCMP, G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville

Geographic location: Clarenville

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