Enough is enough: let others live in peace

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Commentary by Enas Al Yasiri

These days there is much in the news about contemplation by the United States and other countries that back the U.S. to hit Syria. I think many Iraqis probably had the same reaction I had at the moment I heard the U.S. wanted to take action in Syria - I cannot forget the pain, grief and trauma I experienced in Iraq.
What the U.S. is proposing now for Syria is the same that was proposed years ago for Iraq; the same argument and the same scenario, only this time with new faces involved.

I remember when the military began to prepare for an attack on Iraq after the United States government said it had evidence of weapons of mass destruction there.

I remember seeing pictures of trucks and hearing about the belief that weapons were being stored in those trucks.

Everyone believed these images and considered them to be sufficient evidence, and killed thousands of Iraqis and a regime was overthrown.

Balance is needed to govern a country of war-wounded people, but terrorist groups hijacked everything civilized and humane there. Iraq is home to the first human civilization, but it was dominated by ignorant killers, and that came as the government wanted America, in a democratic manner, to deter these terrorists.

I believe the new government is made up of people who are only interested in stealing the wealth of Iraq, and their personal interests.

After a while, the U.S. administration admitted it did not find any chemical weapons in Iraq.

American Secretary of State at that time, Colin Powell, appeared on TV saying, "I'm sorry, it was a great mistake," as if merely a glass or two had been broken, or there had been a simple car accident.

An entire country had been destroyed, and regret will not bring back the tolerance and love which had once been among the people there.

Where there was once love for 7,000 years, there was now armed terrorists, hatred and division among religions and religious sects.

Now, the U.S. is contemplating the same story for Syria.

The strange thing to me is that there are people who believe the misinformation and think it is justified.

I lived in Syria for five years, and I came here with my family as immigrants because of the serious situation in my own country, Iraq.

When I lived there, Syria was a beautiful country where residents enjoyed a secure, stable and happy life.

People of all different faiths and denominations lived safely with each other, and had complete freedom to take part in their own rituals without being bothered.

Many tourists came from all around the world, taking in Syria's beauty and civilization, and residents and visitors alike would remain in the streets, gardens and parks until the early morning hours, singing and dancing and playing.

America's determined intervention seemed to give false ideas about what is happening in Syria, and has portrayed it like a revolution of the people. It was an idea that has met with little opposition, and terrorists from other countries entered under the pretext of helping the revolution, but brought massacre.

It is unfortunate that they were armed with claims of democracy and respect for human rights.

The United States' argument about the alleged chemical weapons in Syria is foolish.

The Syrian regime co-operated with the chemical weapons inspection team of the United Nations and while they are there, there is a Sarin gas attack and the Syrian regime is accused of doing it. It would be so stupid to do this, given the presence of the inspection team.

It's funny that the U.S. wants to eradicate chemical weapons, yet there are countries in that region possessing weapons without anyone daring to stop them.

America itself has a huge arsenal of chemical weapons, first used on innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The strange thing is, U.S. President Barack Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, does not want peace for countries that were once living in peace.

What difference is there between the rule of Obama and former president Bush? Both seem to love war and intervening in the affairs of other countries, and they fail to see what their intervention does to people.

My question for the American administration: have you found the solution to all the U.S.'s inner problems, like social security and health insurance and crime? With all the problems you have, you go to interfere in the affairs of other countries?

Sorry, America - these people don't want your democracy because it hasn't brought them anything but war.

Enough is enough: let others live in peace.

Organizations: United Nations

Geographic location: United States, Iraq, Syria Iraq.American Hiroshima

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Recent comments

  • David Rothauser
    September 08, 2013 - 22:09

    Dear writer of Enough is enough, let others live in peace, Your words are heartfelt. America has become the most war making nation in the history of civilization. It is an addiction and a tragedy. But take heart. There is a movement now in America to amend the U.S. Constitution that will abolish war making as a political, economic tool. In 1946 U.S. occupation forces re-wrote the Japanese Constitution. Article 9 of that constitution declares that Japan will never again make war. Japan has not made war in 67 years - written by the U.S. Why isn't Article 9 in our constitution? The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom is sponsoring a resolution to bring a version of Article 9 as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Have heart, it will take time, but the movement has begun. We shall prevail.

  • Ed Hong
    September 08, 2013 - 18:05

    Here's a thought.... Why not stay out of conflicts in all these other countries, bring all our young people home, keep a large percentage of them in the armed forces to protect our own lands, put the others in Police uniforms to clean up our own streets and then let these other countries clean up their own mess... Forget the economics of these conflicts and get on with providing for our own !!!

  • Tim Jamison
    September 08, 2013 - 11:29

    That was a sickening pile of progressive nonsense and tinfoilhatery and a waste of my life that I'll never get back. Murdering 500 women and children with gas is not "living in peace" and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki actually saved tens of millions of lives by preventing a ground invasion of mainland Japan

  • Paul
    September 08, 2013 - 10:08

    The writer needs to wake up. The people in Syria are not living in peace but in fear. The Syrian regime has recently killed more than 1,400 people including over 400 children. If you think this is peace then you are delirious. Maybe the governments in North America should prevent further immigration from the Middle East and send back the ones that are already here. There will never be peace there because of religion fanatics.

  • Randy
    September 07, 2013 - 19:50

    How laughable!!...Live in peace??? What middle east country lives in peace?? Which one can we "model" the others after?? How silly!! Anti-American, til we need them, then they're the saviors of our "way of life"!!!???

  • saelcove
    September 07, 2013 - 15:07

    well said