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  • sorry FOUR amendments
    September 30, 2013 - 07:46

    SORRY; like danny williams said this give away; each boat load of concentrate; copper; gold; pladium; platinum; nickel; is worth approx. 1.5 billion dollars; and the four ammendments were 4 MACK TRUCK holes that danny williams had to close; before the old SHOP WAS SOLD; by roger grimes; TOBIN said not one spoonful and got elected on that basis in 1999; and we all watch grimes give it away; thats why; in 2003 he was fired out da door; fellows here at cbrook mill gate would nt even shake his or joyces or mercer hand at hill gate; when he showed up campaigning; there was rumors that some even spit at and unmericfully cursed at him; and mentioned that he was da SOB who gave away VOISEYS BAY