Vast majority of thieves being caught: RNC

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According to a recent RNC release, the force feels as though they are apprehending the vast majority of individuals involved in armed robberies on the northeast Avalon and throughout the rest of the province, as well. The numbers provided appear to show a somewhat different story, though.

The release shows just how many armed robberies have taken place on the northeast Avalon and throughout the province as a whole since 2006. The statistics also show how many of the crimes are solved on a yearly basis. Those crimes that are solved are put under the title “Cleared by Charge.” While the total of those solved looks small compared to those committed, the numbers are deceiving.

“It’s highly unlikely that an individual commits one armed robbery,” says Const. Talia Murphy.

“We only convict them of, say, one but really they were responsible for four.”

So, on the northeast Avalon in 2011, there were 72 robberies in total with only 29 cleared by charge. The reality is that the RNC have reason to believe the people convicted of those 29 charges committed more of the 72.

“They commit multiple,” says Murphy.

There is often little evidence left at the scene which makes robberies challenging to solve, she adds. The police use witness statements, video surveillance, police dogs and even DNA that might be left at the scene.

One issue with DNA, according to Murphy, is the time it takes to collect it, have it analyzed, then get a warrant and make the arrest — all before it even goes before the courts.

Geographic location: Avalon

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