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  • Tired ER nurse...
    November 27, 2013 - 08:04

    Just curious....how much data has been collected on the patients who categorize as C5....and there are lots of them! Those whose rash on their arm that has been there for the past 2 months, suddenly becomes an emergency at 10 pm on a Friday night...or the week old stubbed toe that complains the loudest when told there's an actual emergency delaying their ability to get the fast food type service they've been told is their right. Maybe this is a part of the reason our waiting rooms are clogged...Both sides of this issue need to be addressed, the medical side, and public education of what constitutes a true emergency. As a professional working in this system, my goal is to best serve everyone who presents in my dept...no one wants anyone to fall between the cracks. Unfortunately they do sometimes...maybe a part of that reason who be the unnecessary interactions thrust at us, that overwhelm and make it difficult to prioritize and care for those who need our undivided attention. Believe it or not, those who complain the loudest(not all mind you), and make an already taxed work environment that much more difficult, these are the people who really have no place in most ER's. Both side of this coin need to be addressed...as professionals, we are bound by confidentiality...we cannot be case specific with our concerns, or address the media directly. We are left the option of expressing these concerns to a board that doesn't seem to think the issue is that pressing. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated....we're drowning in here!