Murder suspect to appeal decision on lawyer’s pay rates

Rosie Gillingham
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New trial date set for Trevor Pardy

Accused murderer Trevor Pardy is not giving up his bid to have the provincial government pay his lawyer private rates.

Trevor Pardy appears in court in this Telegram file photo.

When his case was called

in Newfoundland Supreme Court in

St. John’s Monday, Pardy announced he plans to challenge a judge’s decision that ruled his lawyer of choice must be paid at Legal Aid rates.

“I intend to appeal,” Pardy told Justice Wayne Dymond.

Pardy, charged with first-degree murder, represented himself on Monday.

St. John’s defence lawyer Bob Buckingham had represented Pardy in October during a four-day hearing to argue the merits of an application Pardy had filed.

Pardy had asked to have the province’s attorney general cover the cost of his private counsel at a rate of pay above what the Legal Aid Commission allows.

Legal Aid approved funding for Pardy to cover the cost of private counsel at Legal Aid rates, or to supply a Legal Aid lawyer, but Pardy argued the Legal Aid rate of $60 per hour is too low to obtain an experienced lawyer.

But in a decision handed down last month, Justice James Adams disagreed and denied the application. Adams said there are a number of Legal Aid lawyers with sufficient experience and expertise who are available and willing to represent Pardy.

Pardy wants Buckingham to represent him, but Buckingham refuses to do it at Legal Aid rates.

Pardy has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the shooting death of Triffie Wadman, his former girlfriend, on Oct. 1, 2011, in St. John’s. He has been in custody ever since.

His trial had been set to start this month, but was delayed due to his legal representation issues.

Despite the pending appeal, Dymond opted to schedule a new date for Pardy’s trial.

Dymond and Crown prosecutor Iain Hollett agreed to have it begin Nov. 4, 2014. Jury selection will be held the day before.

“That’s 11 months away,” Dymond said to Pardy. “It should give you plenty of time (to resolve solicitor issues) ...

“In the meantime, we’re going to proceed. … Whatever counsel represents you has to be ready for November.”

Dymond then added, “I was ready to do this trial a year and a half ago.”

About a half-dozen of Wadman’s family members, including her sister and father, were in court for the proceedings. They walked out once again disappointed by the delays.



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Recent comments

  • Erica
    December 06, 2013 - 14:30

    This is just like Trevor. He is always making excuses. If you cant afford the good lawyer, maybe you shouldnt have found yourself in a situation that merits needing a good lawyer. He does not deserve extra funding, extra time or anything else. He deserves less then what he has already received. This is a disgrace to our system. He was given 11 months for nothing. The victims family will never have a sense of justice at this rate. I am so sad to have met this man.

  • Taxpayer
    December 03, 2013 - 09:59

    Why are my hard earned tax dollars going to defend people who don't deserve it. They only get a slap on the wrist. What about the victims?

  • Ballyclatters
    December 03, 2013 - 09:39

    Legal Aid does have several senior lawyers who are quite capable and experienced in homicide charges. Their cost is over $60 an hour for salary, benefits, payroll taxes, etc., and before office expenses and support staff. Yet Legal Aid insists on paying private lawyers the same rates it did in 1990.

  • gord
    December 03, 2013 - 09:23

    If Pardy doesn't want a Legal Aid Lawyer, that is his decision. He can pay for Bob Buckingham out of his own pocket. If he really feels that he is innocent, this will be money well spent on his well being. This is something that the public shouldn't have to pay for. End of story.

  • mary
    December 03, 2013 - 08:35

    I've got the answer,our deficit is 100 million less ,than what was expected,give it to Pardy for his defence. This nonsense,is why our justice system is costing a fortune, paid for by hard working ,law abiding citizens.

    • Geri
      December 03, 2013 - 09:09

      If legal aid representation is not good enough for him...then I guess we will have to fire the lot of them and provide high paying lawyers to all persons accused of breaking the law...that should really help our economy....and the higher paid lawyers too!

  • Fred
    December 03, 2013 - 07:43

    This is sick. Get it over with Judges. He's making a mockery of an already weaked justice system. This family is awaiting closure.

  • why??
    December 03, 2013 - 06:37

    Why are they letting this idiot drag the case out and out, this family is suffering a loved one taken from them, and all the courts are doing is trying to get this person a good lawyer out of our money, GET THIS CASE OVER WITH!!!