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Dan Norman and his wife, Katty, enjoy every moment they spend together. — File photo by Rhonda Hayward/The Telegram

The Telegram’s Rhonda Hayward captured Dan Norman’s near-death experience

The Telegram asked its team of photojournalists to pick one image from 2013 that meant the most to them. Here is Rhonda Hayward’s selection:

One of the most fascinating assignments I worked on over the past year was a series about living with death, with arts and life reporter Tara Bradbury.

In the fourth instalment of the series, we profiled Dan Norman (shown at right with his wife, Katty, walking along Middle Brook trail in Gambo).

In 2006 Norman died of a heart attack while doing landscaping work in Gander. He flatlined and had no heartbeat for an incredible 15 minutes.

During that time he remembers floating up into the air and meeting a peculiar character eight or nine feet tall who guided him.

All the while he felt at peace and wasn't scared. As remarkable as Dan's story is, it was not the only time he had a brush with death.

When he was 17 he almost drowned in a boating accident. Hearing him tell the tale of how he survived both incidents and how, as a result, he has a new appreciation for life and nature, and how he feels he has a definite purpose here on Earth, was truly inspiring.

I chose this photo of Dan and Katty walking down a path in the forest. After all, no one really knows what lies down the path for all of us.


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Geographic location: Gambo, Gander

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