Hebron project not hampered by outages

Ashley Fitzpatrick
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Contractors used diesel, propane to save electrical power for grid

Unlike work at the oil refinery at Come By Chance and construction on Vale’s nickel-copper-cobalt processing facility at Long Harbour, work to build the base for the Hebron offshore oil platform was not delayed by power outages last week.

Hebron project plan

Construction of the Hebron gravity-based structure (GBS) at Bull Arm was slowed just prior to New Year’s, for the holiday season. Thousands of workers were due to be back on the job and getting into full swing beginning Jan. 6, according to a spokeswoman for the Hebron project partners. 

Unlike at Long Harbour, where construction work to be completed remains largely inside and around site buildings — affected by continued blackouts on that scheduled return day — work on the Hebron GBS resumed as scheduled. 

That said, the dry dock area where the GBS is being built saw a change-out on power supplies, with propane and diesel used instead of electrical power from the island grid wherever possible. 

According to Lynn Evans, the spokeswoman for the Hebron partners, this included the use of diesel generators and heaters in certain buildings and both propane heaters and diesel-driven lights where it could be accomplished.

The topsides area of the Bull Arm site, where the living quarters module will be constructed, was reduced to only what power was deemed necessary for safe operations, with propane used as much as possible for heating.

No word has been provided on whether or not the construction site ran into any shortages in propane or diesel, as were reported in locations around the island.

“There were no significant delays at site caused by the outages,” Evans stated.

The Hebron project team was in contact with staff with the provincial utilities during the week and has committed to continuing efforts to conserve energy where possible.

The Hebron project partners are: ExxonMobil Canada Properties (36 per cent stake), Chevron Canada Limited (26.7 per cent), Suncor Energy Inc. (22.7 per cent), Statoil Canada (9.7 per cent) and Crown corporation Nalcor Energy (4.9 per cent).


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