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Bonnie Belec
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Housing corporation says inspector visited Kenny’s Park Apartments

A senior who decided to leave her Kenny’s Park apartment last week because she refuses to share it with mice is not the only one dealing with the unwanted critters.

Erin Alexander in her mother’s apartment at Kenny’s Park apartments. On the floor at right are two of the many mouse traps set in the apartment. On the table next to her is a petition she circulated about the mouse problem she says exists in the building.

Elizabeth Maddox’s daughter, Erin Alexander, told The Telegram Tuesday she spent the weekend knocking on doors and speaking with tenants who live in the  building on Tiffany Lane in St. John’s.

“I’m tired,” she said, referring to her weekend of collecting names for a petition she gave to St. John’s East MHA George Murphy this week.

“We got quite a few people. Half of them weren’t home, but I’d say we got half the building and some very positive feedback,” Alexander said.

Murphy said there are about 70 names on the document, which he will share today with the building’s owner, Northern Property, and the Newfoundland Labrador Housing Corp., which subsidizes some of the units.

“It’s a good representation of the building. Well over half the residents, so it’s a pretty extensive problem that we’ve got in the building,” the NDP MHA told The Telegram Tuesday afternoon.

“There’s no doubt the company is going to have to do a massive eradication program to get rid of the problem,” Murphy said.

Alexander said her mother has been staying with her since the mice became a full-blown pest control problem in her apartment earlier this month.

 Mice feces is clearly visible in the 14 photos accompanying letters both women sent to The Telegram, which were also copied to St. John’s Mayor Dennis O’Keefe, Murphy, the  housing corporation and other organizations.

Alexander and her mother also sent the letters — dated Feb. 5 — to Northern Property, but they say they aren’t getting any satisfaction.

In her letter, Maddox says she has been complaining to Northern Property about the rodent problem for about a year and a half — at least three times in that period — with the last complaint filed on Jan. 22, 2014.

Northern Property hasn’t re­spond­ed to messages left by The Tele­gram last week or Tuesday.

Maddox moved into the building in 2009 to be near her husband, who was in long-term care at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex.

He died in March 2010, but she chose to remain living there.

Alexander told The Telegram Tuesday the company has been in contact with them and were supposed to visit the apartment Monday, but didn’t show up while they were there.

“It’s slow moving. Nothing has been rectified yet, but they’re leaving us messages,” she said.

“Something has to be done because my mother is just living in limbo right now,” said Alexander.

 Dennis Kendell, the Crown corporation’s executive director of regional operations, told The Tele­gram Tuesday afternoon, inspectors have been to the building, but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

He said the inspector looked in the common rooms and went through the building and concluded it is clean and presentable.

“It appears they have now closed off possible entries where mice may be getting in. … The only holes they have found they have spray foamed or filled them up so they can’t get in,” said Kendell, adding it’s difficult to pinpoint areas where mice may be getting in, especially with all the snow around the base of the building.

He said he has also received copies of records outlining the pest control company’s involvement which indicate the company will revisit the building once a week for the next month.

 Regarding the petition with 70 names, Kendell said the company hasn’t received any complaints from any other tenants and therefore the corporation sent its inspector only to Maddox’s apartment.

“If we can’t get a handle on this, obviously we maybe have to go knock on every door and see who else got problems, but what we can gather from pest control is they haven’t been getting any calls to go to other apartments in the building,” he said.

“They may have signed a petition, but that doesnt mean they have mice in there. It may be restricted to the one. I don’t know, but we will certainly get to the bottom of it.”

A spokesman  for the City of

St. John’s said the city received a complaint in early February about Kenny’s Park Apartments, but is satisfied Northern Property and the pest control company are addressing the tenant’s concerns.

Organizations: The Telegram, Newfoundland Labrador Housing

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Recent comments

  • Randy
    February 12, 2014 - 18:05

    Murphy and the NDP knows a lot about rats that's for sure

  • Al
    February 12, 2014 - 14:10

    Also easy to see that this MHA is looking for votes

  • Al
    February 12, 2014 - 14:05

    So why is it that NLHC has to be involved here in this, they are subsidising the rent in this case, another way to blast housing for not doing there job and have the gov crown corporation pay to clean up this mess, time for housing to hand this over to the owners and say enough wasting taxpayers money fix this yourselves you have your investors that you turn a profit for now its finally time for you to let the purse strings go and reinvest some of this money back into your building, maybe instead of blaming this on housing lets publish the names of the share holders here in public or introduce some mice into there homes and see what it is like for them to live in this mess, kinda getting fed up blaming a gov organization for all that's wrong with the world.