Osborne, McGrath spar over roadwork promises

James McLeod
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Liberal MHA Tom Osborne says that the government is over-promising when it comes to planned paving projects, and the proof is in the government’s public tenders.

Transportation Minister Nick McGrath. — Photo by James McLeod/The Telegram

All week, Osborne has been attacking the Tories for announcing big roadwork projects, saying that the details reveal that most of the paving won’t get done this year, and may not be done at all.

Earlier in the week it was the Bay d’Espoir highway that Osborne was talking about. Thursday it was the road to Fleur de Lys.

“They promised 12 kilometres this year. They’re only paying for four kilometres,” Osborne said. “It doesn’t add up.”

Transportation Minister Nick McGrath said that Osborne is getting bent out of shape about something that’s actually improving the system.

Starting this year, government has been tendering roadwork contracts earlier, and bundling big sections of road together into multi-year contracts.

That way, he said, contractors can have a reliable sense of the work happening from year to year.

“They know ahead of time that they have the work which gives them an opportunity to retain the employees they have,” McGrath told reporters.

“It’s good for the contractor, it’s good for the government, and most importantly, it’s good for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.”

McGrath said the tender for the Fleur de Lys contract Osborne is worked up about  specifies that in the first year, the government will only pay a maximum of $2.25 million in the first year.

If the contractor does more than $2.25 million worth of work in the first year, McGrath said, they’ll get paid in the 2015 fiscal year for the extra work they did.

The announcement of new roadwork in Fleur de Lys this spring comes after residents in the area blocked the road and staged a protest because of the poor conditions of the pavement.

Premier Tom Marshall and McGrath were in the area to make the big announcement back in mid-March.

But Osborne said he’s been talking to contractors who say that $2.25 million is only enough to cover about four kilometres of roadwork, and the bottom line is that if the government isn’t going to pay the contracting companies, the work just won’t get done.

“The contractor is not going to do 100 per cent of the work this year, but only get 30 per cent of the pay and then wait until next year to get 70 per cent of the pay,” he said.


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Geographic location: Fleur de Lys, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Recent comments

  • The Coast of Bays.
    April 11, 2014 - 12:21

    Tracey Perry has announced pavement five times in the last three years and we have not gotten one inch. This last announcement was like the rest, a riddle. Never did Tracey Perry or MacGrath say that this was a multiple year deal and that is just what it is now. Here is what Tracey Perry has done, promised ferrys, did not deliver, promised pavement many times, did not deliver, promised a fully funded kidney dialysis unit for Hr. Breton and did not deliver (she took the only nurse out of Hermitage to file the units need and took the funding out of Hermitage), promised broadband in her first term, did not deliver and now we are supposed to get it and it is mostly funded by other than our Provincial government, we were promised better cell service and she did not deliver, it is now worse, she has created a mistrust between her and her constituents and she hs done this one all by herself. We have at least twice the number of bad road since she has been our MHA and she is still making the same promises that she made when she was trying to get elected for her first term. She takes credit for everything the feds do for us and everyone else. I have never in all my life know of a politician that have done nothing but set an area back like this before. She needs to get elected again to get the full benefit of her full pension and if anyone does not deserved it it is Tracey Perry especially for tricking us with regards to all the false road announcements. She should be ashamed to call the Coast of Bays her home.

  • Kevin
    April 11, 2014 - 11:00

    They only road MCGRATH needs paved is the one that leads to ALL the PC's leave the house in the next election. Good bye Mr. McGrath and rest of those PC clowns........