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Recent comments

  • SurvivorThriver
    April 16, 2014 - 10:56

    I couldn't agree more. Actions speak louder than words. There's no total healing from being sexually abused by a religious, but we can - with support - move forward. All the best on your healing journey. A fellow Canadian survivor.

  • Michael Kelly
    April 16, 2014 - 07:19

    Perfect and Uncorrupted Divine Law centers on Equity and Fairplay (Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth), because that is its Purpose. The RCC claims to be the Viceregent of the Christ, which, if True, gives them the Ultimate Authority on Earth to Enforce Divine Law. Pope Francis, nor the RCC Heirarchy, seems to understand this. Restitution to the Victim against the Assets of the Violator for Forgiveness in Order that the Victim may be made Whole again. This is Exactly the Point that the Writer of this article is trying to make. Years of abuse at the Hands of "Evil Brethren and Priests" cannot be just Forgiven and Washed Away. Forgiveness requires Sincere Repentence, a Change of Heart and Restitution for Redemption (Someone has to Pay the Price of Redemption, whether it be the Victim or another as in the Perfect Example of Jesus). Though the RCC will Preach Grace, the Victim has no obligation under Divine Law to grant Grace as in the Case of Civil-Criminal Law where the Violator-Perpetrator looses his-her Life to years of Imprisonment or Worse. In the case of this Article, Pope Francis would be Wise to dissolve the Mount Cashel Orphanage and a portion of the Diocese that had supervision over it, sell off the Assets and place them in a Distribution Trust to be Equitably Distributed by a Trustee Chancery that would Open Up and Try the Claims of the Victims. This Chancery Committee IMHO would best be headed by a Lay Catholic Woman, which would report directly to Pope Francis through a Curia Committee set up in a similar way to collate the Reports of Chancery Committes Worldwide and monthly present a Verbal and Written Report to Pope Francis. \Lastly, IMHO if Pope Francis does not address this Church-Wide and "Evil" Problem in this Way, he is not Competent to Rule with Divine Law and God will Wholly-Holy Bless his Reign's Efforts, which for the Most Part, by themselves, thus far, are Blessed.