Mom surprised by new car from military sister and brother

Mark Rendell Special to The Telegram
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Marie Spurrell arrived at Hickman Motors expecting repairs and drove out in her first ever new car, her daughter in full military uniform sat beside her.

Renay Groves, who is stationed in Kingston, hadn’t told her mom that she was coming home.

In the dealership showroom, Groves was waiting in the front of a 2014 silver Cheverolat Trax, decked out with Happy Mother’s day balloons.

“I didn’t really know what was going on,” Spurrell said of climbing into the car and her daughter’s embrace. “But I was so happy and so excited. This was better than winning a million dollars.”

Spurrell, who is 67-years-old, has never owned a new car.

Eight weeks ago her “clunker” broke down forcing her to walk everywhere or ask people for rides.

For Groves, giving her mother car wasn’t just about getting her back on the road and in a safe vehicle — it was about giving her mom a good experience of the Canadian Forces uniform.  

“She’s had a lot of heartache with our service, a combined service of 34 years between my brother and I, and my sister has 18.” said Groves. “She has sat in the living room many times in fear that we weren’t coming home, or we weren’t going to survive when we got back.”

In 2009, Spurrell had to watch as her daughter helped carry the coffin of a friend, journalist Michelle Lang, to an airplane in the Kandhar airport.

“I came back. And today my mission in life is to take my mother out of that living room, from watching the news of her daughter carrying a casket to an aircraft in Kandahar, to a happy moment to be associated with this uniform.”

“Because this uniform," Groves said hugging her mom with tears in her eyes, “has given me so much, it has given your grandchildren so much.”

The purchase was helped by Hickman Motors, which has a $750 discount for people in the military.

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Recent comments

  • In GM we Trust?
    April 25, 2014 - 01:55

    Honouring thy Mother is the foundation of a loving society and the binder of strong community. The love in the video is visible and palitable. Buying a car from GM for her, however, and advertizing for them & Hickmans, who we bailed out, as a Country, who have betrayed our patronage with dubious actions on ignition recalls, etc, is something I feel is a little bit of a declasse Telegram stunt crossing the border of good taste, and respect for these soldiers and family. Using military honour and peoples unfortunate death to advertise new cars is not cool (is it?)! As far as the rest of the War justification/uniform patriotism here, listen to me now and once. KNOW the enemy. It is Stupidity. We must resist letting mainstream media pull our heartstrings toward an acceptance of a debt-resource instigated WWIII. HONOUR ALL OF OUR MOTHERS. Let these brave Mother's children defend us at home and be paid well, and looked after, and inspired to help the global community. I don't want to pay for adventure-forays into the other's oil sands to preserve a false economy, and have other mother's children-soldiers die in vain, or return home to a begrudging veterans affairs boondoggle, to preserve our high-energy-amusement-park lifestyles suckin back the gasoline and puffing up consumer confidence polls. Stay home out of the petroleum-driven blood sacrifices of the middle east and defend us - from our government (if PCs retain power)!!!!. Fill the potholes so we don't need Hummers to get around, fix our east coast refining shitshow, and stabalize domestic energy so Mom's crowd here doesn't have to lay it all on the line for our cowardly GOVT, voted in by a pacified electoriate. What's the difference in a career soldier these days, or a career {insert dangerous trade here} risking their lives for black gold? They are defending the same values. The one who dodges the bullets just gets less money, on average. I am sorry, this is how I feel off my meds. Does any one think I should not reveal this train of thought, or do most people believe we should be upfront and willing to start a meaningful conversation about our role in global oil aggression? What does George Murphy say to all this I wonder. The true battle is against our own lifestyles.

  • Colette Coady
    April 24, 2014 - 17:26

    What a beautiful thing to do!!! Not surprising as you guys are so good to your Mom :)