Frenchman’s Cove lobbying for ban on migratory bird hunting

Paul Herridge
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Mayor Donna Cluett acknowledged Frenchman’s Cove is a dangerous place to be during the fall migratory bird hunting season.
Frenchman’s Cove Barasway, which surrounds Frenchman’s Cove Provincial Park, Grand Fairways Resort and Grande Meadows Golf Course, is popular with hunters.

In a letter the Frenchman’s Cove Town Council has been circulating to communities on the Burin Peninsula, seeking support for a hunting ban, Cluett said complaints about stray bullets have come from residents, tourists and business owners alike.

“It’s just like a warzone when they open up the hunting season,” she told The Southern Gazette Thursday, referring to the constant noise from gun blasts. “You would almost say they were in the community.”

Though the migratory bird hunting season doesn’t start until September, Cluett said golfers are still on the course and employees are still in the park.

“If you’re up on the golf course and you’ve got to duck because of a bullet, it’s pretty bad.”

While the issue is a concern to residents of the community, she noted the area attracts people from around the Burin Peninsula and the rest of the province.

As of last week, Grand Bank was the only town to offer a letter of support.

“I know Winterland had the same issue, and they had their area closed down, as well,” Cluett said.

In the letter, Cluett said meetings with police and provincial wildlife officials have not solved the problem, as the issue falls under the jurisdiction of Environment Canada. The town is seeking a meeting with the federal department, she said, to lobby for a ban.

“That’s the only alternative we can see is get the area closed down from hunting altogether.”  

The Southern Gazette

Organizations: Cove Town Council, Grand Bank, Environment Canada

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Recent comments

  • Ya Right
    May 26, 2014 - 22:11

    At best, the shot from a shotgun used for hunting migratory birds is able to reach a few hundred yards. None of these clowns are anywhere near to being hit with shot. I hear a bunch of whiny golfers, that's all. How about banning golf during the hunting season? I see that as a much better solution. The hunters are probably in more danger of getting hit with a stray golf ball then a golfer being hit with stray shot.

  • Andrew Fowler
    May 26, 2014 - 16:06

    Here again we have people trying to stop hunters that have hunted this area for probably centuries just so they can do something they like. There are a lot of peole that depend on duck hunting to subsidize their groceries. I myself live in rural NS and have duck hunters very close to my property. Unless they are doing something illegal I see no reason to complain even though it does get noisy at times. Why do people from the city always come into the country and expect us to change to how they want it to be? Hunting is a tradition and in a lot of cases a necessity and if no one os breaking the law they should be left alone. Golfing came along many many years after hunting as well. Maybe when waterfowl hunting begins there should be a stop put on golfing no??? See how they would like that.

  • Honk! Honk!
    May 26, 2014 - 07:13

    Wow. Talk about exaggeration - "have to duck because of a bullet"! I've been a member at the Frenchman's Cove course for almost 10 years and golf all through the fall. I rarely even hear a gunshot. I certainly haven't felt unsafe or I would not be using it. I don't believe that hunters hunt near the course or the community. If bullet casings are being found in the community it is probably because community residents are illegally hunting in the town. The geese are in the barasway which is not adjacent to town homes or buildings. Complaints about stray bullets! Come on. If this were true this would have been shut down long ago! This women seems willing to say anything to get her way.