Lodge owner disgusted with illegal dumping

Andrea Gunn
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When Tony Stone and his wife started making their way back to their home in Bishop’s Falls following the long weekend, they were disgusted by what greeted them.

When Tony Stone left his hunting lodge this weekend, he was greeted by quite a mess. Someone had illegally dumped a pile of trash on a gravel road leading to the property. Pictured are just some of the items dumped on the road. — Submitted photo

They had just spent weekend at their hunting lodge, Mt. Peyton Outfitters, located off Jumper’s Brook, about 20 kilometres south of Grand Falls-Windsor.

On the gravel road leading to the lodge, about 300 metres off the Trans-Canada Highway, someone had left a mess.

“Somebody was after dumping off mattresses, vacuum cleaners, kids toys, kitchen utensils, bake ware...” Stone told the Advertiser last week. “It’s disgusting. I’m sick to my stomach over it.”

Stone said the area has always been bad for litter and dumping and he’s constantly picking up litter from people who use the area for recreation. However, the most recent offence, he said, takes the cake.

“Dumping out in that area has been going on for years. You don’t mind people dropping off saw dust or leaves and twigs, that only takes a few months and that’s gone back to Mother Nature, but that out there is horrible. Honest to God, I just had enough of it,” Stone said. “I couldn’t believe it. What kind of pigs are these people, to go out somewhere in a pristine wilderness area and dump off mattresses and vacuum cleaners, household siding, carpet? ... It just doesn’t belong there. What kind of conscience do these people have?”

What’s worse, Stone said, the area where the dumping occurred is only about 10 kilometres from the Central Waste Management site, where people can legally offload their waste.

Stone, an avid hunter and outdoorsman, said he worries about the environmental impact of the dumping. Moreover, he and his business partners are getting ready to start the spring bear hunt at their lodge, and he has tourists coming in from the United States next week for a hunting tour. Stone said he wonders what kind of impression this will leave for guests if people continue to disrespect the environment and illegally dump their trash.

“I don’t want to see this myself, let alone someone coming in from outside this province. Right off the bat they’re going to get out and say, ‘Where are we driving to? ... We’re going to a dump or something,’ you know?”

Stone said before cleaning up the trash he planned to call the Department of Environment and Conservation to see if someone could come inspect the mess, to see if there was anything in the trash pile that could identify and help catch those responsible for the illegal dumping. He also said he hopes to get some signage in the area to remind people dumping is not allowed.

Stone said he reached out to the media to let the public know this is happening, and in the hope people will keep an eye out for illegal dumpers and report them to the proper authorities.

“It’s crazy, people getting away with this illegal dumping. I know it’s going on everywhere, but this is my particular area and I’m totally disgusted with it.

“It’s just unbelievable. Rubber car tires and rims ... it’s not a dump. Another few kilometres down the road you’ve got a perfect waste management system to take care of all this ... but these people are so lazy, they’ve got to dump right on the side of the road. It’s terrible.”

The Advertiser

Organizations: Trans-Canada Highway, Department of Environment and Conservation

Geographic location: Grand Falls-Windsor.On, United States

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Recent comments

  • Mr. Clean up
    May 26, 2014 - 13:42

    People like Mr. Stone have a real valid concern about this as I do. But we should try to keep our frustrations for later for when central dumping starts to sink in with people. In an area where I live we still have the small dumps where we can take our garbage for free to the dump, yet we have messes like this everywhere. The dumps are soon to close and people are just not going to truck a weeks garbage home and sit it at the curb. Most are to lazy and dirty for that. So they take it out in a boat and sink it or drop it in the nearest pit or side road. There are many people now who live in a cabin style environment who do not have a dump of their own but use local town dumps. All of these people will have nowhere legal to dump garbage when the dumps close. All of this garbage will be discarded some where and there is talk already that small groups of cabin owners are going to make their own dumps. When Clyde Jackman was Minister of Environment he was told about this and it should have been addressed before this was all finalized. His decision alone to follow through with this will leave you a lot to be frustrated about so save it for Clyde when all the dumps close. This is another process that the government has not thought through and did not realize that everything is not like the fairy tale books, this is the real world and this is a real concern. Threaten people all you want with court and fines but the garbage has to go somewhere and people are not going to store it in their attic. Instead of a town dump we will now have many town dumps. The past environment minister is going to make us the dirtiest province in Canada. Stand and take a bow again Clyde, you have given us another great accomplishment and lesson in composting the stupid way.