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  • Interested
    June 08, 2014 - 21:31

    In 2005 Frank Coleman was on the advisory board to Danny Williams, if you google this you can confirm this information. Does anyone know when did his job end and what were his duties? I agree something strange.

  • MarcAndrews
    June 02, 2014 - 06:16

    Now there's the newly transparent PC party at work. "Q: What is your birth date?" "A: Not telling". His view on immigrants is interesting as well: "I’m not in any way showing them any less affection or any less warmth than somebody else.”

  • It's Crazy
    June 02, 2014 - 05:05

    There something wrong with this picture concerning Frank Coleman, Like someone is trying to cover something up. Here my question to the Government, If Mr Coleman didn't run for the leadership of the PC's party, would he still have gotten back the 19 millions? I got this feeling way down inside of me the answer is NO. Just asking