Temporary plan for farmer cut off from land

Andrew Robinson
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Government hopes to eventually arrange a permanent solution

A temporary solution has been offered to a farmer in Conception Bay South who can no longer use an access road to move heavy equipment after it was cut off by the local bypass road.

Patricia and Clyde Jefford stand in one of their hayfields in Upper Gullies. — File photo by Rhonda Hayward/The Telegram

According to farmer Clyde Jefford, his wife Patricia took a phone call from an official with the Department of Transportation and Works on Wednesday. She was told the department was agreeable to closing the C.B.S. bypass with 48 hours’ notice so Jefford’s trailer can access land south of the bypass.

The idea of temporarily reconnecting Andrews Road and removing permanent guardrails on the bypass had been floated around by the government. It followed through on that idea Thursday, allowing Jefford to get a tractor trailer across the bypass to move a load of hay. Government replaced the guardrails with moveable concrete barriers. Pickup trucks attached to trailers were also used.

According to the Department of Transportation and Works, Jefford will be able to close the bypass for five minutes during daylight hours to move the tractor trailer. The closure can take place no later than 6 p.m.

Jefford said the government also said it will eventually build a road to alleviate his problem. It had been thought Jefford could use Scotts Road to access the land. Larch Grove Place intersects Scotts and also connects to the portion of Andrews Road south of the bypass. Jefford discovered last fall the turn is too tight at the Larch Grove-Scotts intersection for a long trailer.

“Again, I’ve got to give them the chance type thing on it,” Jefford told The Telegram the morning after the hay was moved across the C.B.S. bypass.

“They said they have a piece of land that they are going to put a road through for us (connecting) Andrews Road with some other place.”

When that will happen is not known, but a spokesman for the department acknowledged staff are working on a long-term solution.

“The Department of Transportation and Works is still considering options for the longer term,” said the spokesman.

“Currently, the department is considering the construction of a new road, which may require the acquisition of additional property. The department is actively working on this as a permanent solution.”

Jefford hopes not to be in the same predicament two years from now as he is today. For now, though, he will continue to make use of the government’s offer to temporarily close the bypass so he can access his land with the tractor trailer. Jefford expects that will need to happen again after he receives an order of lime.

“There’s a solution there for now if they keeps going with it,” he said. “I’m not overly pleased with it, but we’ve got to live with it there for now until they get a new road up to Andrews Road.”



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